Saturday, December 08, 2007

Happy Birthday, My Love

Today would have been Alleen's 49th birthday. It snowed all day, the boys just moped around not wanting to get cold and wet. There is an empty feeling hanging around the ol' abode. We have the tree up (eventually even she conceded to putting it up before her birthday, after the boys got older), it's decorated, but the house is still empty. Tuesday would have been our 14th anniversary. I'll take the day off to do some Christmas shopping. I'll probably eat at one of our favorite places, Cafe Rio. There is so much I miss about her it is hard to say them all. I just miss her. Happy Birthday Alleen. I love you!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The Angel on the Tree

Well the tree is up. Adam went to bed and Logan was at a scout meeting so I decorated the tree all by myself. I was always in charge of the lights and Alleen put the ornaments on. She had a certain idea as to the way they were to look. The boys would help her and after they went to bed she would stay up and re-arrange the ornaments to they way she thought they should look. I understood this about her and let her do it her way. While putting up the ornaments on the tree I was finding some new ones that I hadn't seen before. I found this one you see here in the box. It was marked on the back with the following "Mommy 1999". We would always make or buy ornaments for each of us and each year. This one was hard to put up and not shed tears as I hung it on the tree.