Sunday, April 05, 2009

See How They Have Grown

Logan is in Washington D.C. area for the week. He is on a school trip. They'll get to see the White House, Smithsonian, the National Cathedral, The Liberty Bell, The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (they were actually going to lay a wreath, but because of a change of plans they only get to see it), Vietnam Memorial, plus countless other places that I can't remember. Adam was in the 4th grade play, he was an Indian dancer. I took a video of it with my camera, but it wasn't the best video so all I have are some stills. Adam's county float was on Davis County. Which means that Logan did most of it while Adam kibits a lot. Over all it turned out ok. Adam had the final say on how it turned out since his name was on the project and it was his grade. Logan took 1 in the school science fair, first in the disrtice fair and went on to regionals. He enjoyed his time but he didn't win anything. Logan has twice been nominated of the Mayor Teen Award. he recieved a certificate and some goodies from the city. The picture is of his latest certificate and the mayor. Alleen would have been proud of her boys. I know that I am.