Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Head Stone

We have returned from St. George. The Headstone is ready. They are going to pour the cement base this week and set the stone next week. They let us get some pictures of the headstone at the monument place so we did. The pictures are a little stark because of the lack of grass.

The etching on the stone (the one of the hands and rose) I actually gave that picture to Alleen for our first anniversary. I was in college and Logan was barely three months old. I found the picture and gave it to her with a dozen roses for our anniversary. The picture hangs on our bedroom wall. I’ve taken a photo of the picture and I’ll include it.

When they were designing the stone, since we were sealed on the same day we were married, they took out the box that had the sealed date. Well by doing that, it left a hole on that side, I looked at the designer and said “Alleen’s a journalist and a scrapper, if we leave that looking lop-sided and not symmetrical, she’ll haunt me forever!” He laughed, but I was serious. So we moved the married date to just over the temple engraving and arched it so it just fits. I think she’d approve. Here is what it looks like before it gets set next week.