Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pink Floyd

When we first moved here, we were going to the big city one day and as we passed the GSL. Alleen yelled “I think I saw a Pink Flamingo!” I thought she was seeing things, but later we learned that a flamingo had escaped from Tracey Aviary some years back and was nick-named “Pink Floyd”. So when A-bomb and I were at the local ranch store buying cat food, we saw this pink Dodo bird. It isn’t a flamingo, but it is pink and I know that Alleen would just love it. While we were down south for the weekend we put it and another bird that looks like a pelican on her grave. It was also the anniversary of Duncan’s birth/death. He would have been 11 if he had lived. If he had lived we probably wouldn’t have A-bomb, so when one door closes another door opens. The photos of A-bomb falling down are at a park in Dixie that has this really soft covering instead of wood chips. A-bomb wanted to see if it would hurt if he fell down, so he tried to hurt himself a couple of times until I stopped him from trying to hurt himself. The other photos are of the boys playing at the park.

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Keiauni said...

I'm missing her a lot lately. I remember her telling me about the flamingo.
Her b-day is coming up soon, isn't it?