Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Let there Be Lights

Our first Thanksgiving after we had gotten married we were in Alleen's home town. They have a yearly tradition that includes a light parade. Alleen's brother had a V.W. Thing sitting in his garage. We had talked about getting the thing up and running and decorate it for the parade. Finally this year we fufilled the dream, it was a year too late for Alleen to be there snapping pictures of the event, but the boys were in the car and even though it was a rain/snow mix, it was fun. Here is a picture of "Oggie" with everyone in the car. Alleen's idea was to have a wooden cut out of a coyote howling with the words "Howl a luah" in lights. We didn't get that far, but we did have fun.

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Karen said...

Awesome! Love it!