Thursday, December 15, 2005


Serendipity ~ isn’t this a lovely word? I love both the sound of the word and its meaning, a happy accident.
I did a search on the word {I love language, and I’m prone to do that kind of thing} and discovered this definition “gift for discovery ~ a natural gift for making useful discoveries by accident.”
The thesaurus lists other words like “karma,” “providence,” “kismet” and “luck.”
Isn’t the power of words fascinating?
Just hearing {or in this case reading} words like “karma and providence makes me smile.
With so many words, like quirky and notion, panache, knack, whim, and sumptuous floating around, why do we limit ourselves to the same old tired phraseology? {Or verbiage, or terminology, jargon, even lingo}
I know I am limited by my ability to spell. I am a horrible {appalling, vile, ghastly, hideous, dreadful, appalling and outrageous} speller. I just don’t have the knack {ability, skill, talent, aptitude or gift}.
But, I do have a computer! This has opened my world in more than one way.
Now when I write {pen, compose, create and/or author} a story, I have access to the thesaurus with the click of a mouse key.
This is total serendipity for a wordsmith like myself.
I love technology!


Jennifer said...

Fun entry - I love words!!!

Corinnexxx said...

lol on the picture and I am also such a bad speller! you are too funny alleen!


Wendy Reed (Wishin4MoreTime) said...

Funny comic!! Love your doggie picture in your previous post!


Bro said...

Quomqat my favorite fruit (never had one just like the sound). words are cool!

Barb said...

Great entry... I love the fact that you are so... ummmm... smart. See, I'm not so great with words. ;)

As for serendipity, I count on her often to rescue my LOs from nasty mistakes I've made... and usually, my LOs turn out okay. So really, I think serendipity is on my side most days.

Karen said...

What about 'ginormous'? It's one of my favorites along with 'quixotic' and 'kismet' :-)