Friday, December 23, 2005

They might be giants

I just received one of my favorite traditional Christmas gifts in the mail yesterday, the Sorenson Family Calendar.
I come from a crafty clan. We like to doodle, paint, color, anything that involves nonproductive, fascinating semi-artistic endeavors. Several years ago my brother started doodling cartoons about family legends and sending them out to all of us.
One of my favorite cartoons included the drawing of his 6’5” frame folded up at the card table with the grandchildren because he is the youngest child and had to sit at the children’s table for so many Thanksgiving dinners.
Another shows little girls wrapped in scarves, coats and hats, a ballerina tutu sticking out from under the coat, holding a pumpkin for the classic Wyoming Halloween.
In keeping with that theme An April drawing illustrates mounds of snow with colored Easter Eggs easy to spot against all the white, the caption reads “Maybe we shouldn’t have colored them.”
Two or three years into the project, he ran out of cartoon ideas, and started sending complicated graphic drawings so we could color them ourselves.
My sister and I have been known to spend an entire vacation together doing nothing but coloring in graphic drawings, talking and drinking Pepsi.
So I was delighted to get another calendar in the mail just in time to color through the Christmas holiday.
He also sent family photos.
His family cracks me up. In his own words, he said he is a “draft person.” You know, like a draft horse. As I mentioned, he is 6’5.” He was almost 12 pounds at birth. He was the second largest child ever delivered by our family doctor. The largest was a boy born to the woman who would later become his mother-in-law.
My sister-in-law is 6’2” and their children, well, they might be giants. His oldest son is 13, I believe, and almost as tall as his mother. Their daughter is 11. Their seven year old son is taller than my 11 year old son, and their four year old son is just a smidge shorter than my seven year old son.
If you didn’t notice how l-o-o-o-n-g their legs were in this photo you probably wouldn’t have any idea they are a super sized family.
They make me feel downright petite, no small feat, considering I am 5’7” and, um, big boned.

I love having my brother in my family, even though he is a boy.


Becky said...

What an amazingly blissful gift to receive! I love that pic of his family, the legs go on forever!
Have a blessed Christmas!

draft brother said...

Thanks for all the kind words. If I start now maybe I could draw cartoons for next year. Yes the legs go on forever.

Wyo sis said...

Yes the legs go on forever and so does the talent. Whey are an amazing family in many ways. We love them, as we do all the family, but they certainly hold a special (very tall) place.

Wendy Reed (WendyReedPEA) said...

What an awesome gift!!!

Smiles and Happy Holidays to you and yours!


Cindy Lee said...

WOWZER! look at those long-legged things! lol! what a great photo!

kendra said...

I couldn't resist taking a peek at your blog when I saw the name of it. Knights of the Shag Carpet?!! Too bad I missed the explanation on that one. It has me most intrigued! Love the story about the cartoon/drawing exchange. And, yes, I did notice the really LONG legs on them all. I'd love to be tall.


kim said...

What a hoot!

Nicky said...

I have a feeling that their hearts are as big as their bodies. You have the special gift of family...and the wonderful stories, too.

Hope your holiday is bright!!!

Bro said...

Just to let you know, that first picture is upside down. Look at the bows. Hope you had a great Christmas.

nefew said...

I'm Five eleven.