Thursday, June 28, 2007

But you're making great time

On the way home from St. George we had the radio on and heard several La Quinta advertisements. Our favorite was:
Your car has not air conditioning.
The kids are in the back seat screaming.
The dog is carsick,
And you just went 400 miles the wrong way.

But you’re making great time!

I have one of my own.
I was writing a story on the Utah State Parks 50th anniversary Geocaching adventure. So I took the boys with me to the Great Salt Lake Marina where we had our own geocaching treasure hunt so I could take photos and (I hoped) talk to other people looking for the illusive gold coin.
It’s 101 degrees in the shade
The brine flies are swarming
You can’t figure out the GPS coordinates

But you got to drive the car with air conditioning!

For the record, geocaching is not as much fun as it sounds. Well, it might be, if I were not a fat old woman with bad knees and a 20 pound camera slung over my arthritic shoulder. Sure, son, I can carry the water, wouldn’t want you to break a sweat!
I did manage to get some good photos and the boys picked up a plastic bracelet and a eraser. I also discovered the geocashe is very accessible, so now I will join the couple (who was there when I was there, thus giving me some localized quotes) making regular stops at the location in hopes of finding a gold coin.


wyo sis said...

I have a fellow library lady who loves to geocache. Maybe her husband carries the water.
Here's another:
You have to drive everywhere now.
Your husband just had eye surgery.
But, he can see well enough to note every driving mistake.

Hillbilly sister said...

Love the cartoon. It helps to look at the bright side of everything.

Marci said...

You always manage to make me laugh. Geocaching huh?