Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Library dreaming

One of the places we visited in St. George was the new library. It is absolutely beautiful. The plan was based on the old three story Dixie College building in the center of town made of red sandstone.
Many a local are not thrilled that city fathers tore down a “perfectly good” 40 year old library to build the new one, and they do have one point, the stairs are a pain.
They had an active reading program with a lot of children coming and going, but they could certainly have benefited from my niece’s flat out genius with promoting reading.
However, the children’s library is spectacular. My favorite part is the fanciful ceiling paintings. I took a few photos to share because I knew all the book worms in my family, particularly the Ninja Librarian, would be charmed by them.

I lothe our local library and I had a really large rant spelled out in my head. But the natives are getting restless, they want me to go pick up some movies and just maybe the new Harry Potter PS2 game. So I'll keep this particular crankiness to myself for the time being.


Hillbilly sister said...

All I can say is WOWEE!! I love the ceilings. I don't imagine that it is fun to paint the ceiling when you have to crank your neck back to do it. It gives me a headache just to think about it. I am definitely going to file this away into my memory for future reference.

Karen said...

I love visiting other libraries especially a newly built library. The city library in SLC is awesome and I would love to spend an entire day exploring it (I was reduced to stolen moments of exploration when I attended a certification class there).

Smithfield will be building a new library in the next year or so and I'm really pushing for those beautiful and unexpected details like this ceiling. They make a lovely space exceptional!

wyo sis said...

I love the murals, every library should have such neat things. I am really afraid about the new sxhool, because I don't think the library will be anywhere near as wonderful as the one we have now. I already know it will be about 1/4 to 1/3 smaller. They had a kiva planned, but I think we talked them out of it. A kiva is a built in bleacher type of seating, sort of like the pit in the one we have now only it is above floor level instead of below. What a nightmare to have sticking up in the middle of your library!