Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Sunflower stalks

My life is not just about my cat. But she is by far and away the most entertaining member of the household right now. Her most recent antics include lurking in the sunflowers growing in front of our house. We are not sure if she likes them because of the shade, or because of the little yellow birds that come to eat the seeds. But if we can’t find Katie, chances are good she’s hanging out in the flowers.
The flowers are right by the carport, so DH says he sees her every morning as he backs up, peering at her from her safe place in the shade.
But last night I found her draped in the window well that serves as her portal to the outside world. When I opened the door to let her in the house before bedtime, she came and meowed at me and wouldn’t come in until DH stood by the door. They have a bond that excludes me, I’m afraid.
She is going to be one sad kitty when the snow flies. But maybe she’ll start cuddling up to me if I’m the only creature in the house.

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