Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Make sense of it all

Okay all you embellishing, altering and refinishing friends out there. Do I have a challenge for you!
I have mentioned my Mother’s visit in June. Apparently while she was here she decided I needed more furniture (notice, I didn’t say new furniture). For the past month she has been gathering up odds and ends to send to me.
The load arrived today and I’m not at all sure how to make it work for me. She upholstered and sewed cushions for all of it out of the same fabric. But none of the wood matched in color, style, scale, anything.
Please give me constructive ideas of how I can make this collection of flea market finds work as a cohesive whole.
Something is seriously wrong with my thinking skill lately. Maybe I walked too close to a thought sucking black hole, or it could be the constant background noise of cartoon voices and squabbling children. But I just can’t seem to string two thoughts together.
As an example, I went to an interview today and forgot to ask the person I was interviewing what his last name was. He is from Ecuador, and I was struggling so hard to understand him, I couldn’t think of what question to ask him next.
I’m lucky I made the trip there and back alive. I kept forgetting things like how to switch gears and rather one should stop or go at a green light. I have so many things on my mind right now; it’s all I can do to remember what day it is.
I need a vacation from summer vacation.


horseygal said...

I felt like that before DH and DGS left for Minn.
Now that theve been back for a couple of days, that feeling is creeping back :*(

~Debby~ said...

Ahhhhh, some of those are goregous!!
If it were me.... I would paint everything black... only because that is what I am doing with almost all of my stuff.
I painted my Living room a wheat tan color and black goes really well with it.
Good luck!

Wyo sis said...

Good luck. Dearmother was so happy to be able to send you some furniture I didn't say anything, but I had the same emotions in a less intense way since my house already has a full complement of unmatching and scruffy furniture, so I am ineligible. I can't imagine how she talked a furniture guy into transporting the stuff to you when she didn't buy one stick of it from him. He was probably dazed. I do envy you the mirror.

wyo sis said...

The chrome stool is from Grandma H's bathroom. I remember sitting on it and imagining myself getting ready to go on a fabulous date. She had such facinating makeup. Little pots of rouge, and mascara you had to spit in to get it on the brush. How glamorous.

Karen said...

I'm waiting for someone to send a glorious couch to me. However, I'm just picky enough that I want in to be a sute couch not a monstrosity in tapestry upolstery!

P.S. I love danish modern furniture and am coveting your chair!

Karen said...

I mean cute couch of course;-)

Cindy Lee said...

My house is "garage sale chic" and I LOVE all the mixtures of wood, how boring if it was all the same! and to have a stool from your grandmother, what a treasure! I'm sure you'll figure it out - just enjoy the blessing! hugs, Cindy Lee

pudding for brains said...

OOOHHH AAAHHH!! Alleen gets new furniture!...MMMmmmmm Spraypaint always makes me happy, or just paint for that matter...You know what to do! DECOUPAGE!! Decoupage it all!! (j/k)
There are some interesting COOL pieces there! This could be FUN!