Saturday, July 29, 2006


I taught my first scrap class today. It turned out fairly well. The students said they had a good time.
I made a rather extensive handout with drawings and dimensions on it. Every student was given the handout and they all traced the templates I made on the back of their handouts. I think I gave them good value for their money.
One odd thing happened. One of the ladies there came with several friends and about 10 minutes before the class ended announced she was taking the class because she wanted to learn the technique so she could teach it from her home-based scrapbook product selling business.
She then recruted one of my students to attend her home-based scrapbooking classes.
I told DH the woman's name and as it happens she was the parent of one of his students last year.
One good thing, I know she won't have an easy time of it trying to find the recope boxes. It took me months to find the source.
I'm a bit peevish about her using my ideas to teach her own class. Am I justified in this peevishness?

I am also at something of a crisis point with my dream of being a writer / designer making money out of my home. Being a published writer has been my dream for many, many years. After I discovered scrapbooking it felt like such a perfect fit for my skills. But lately I've felt like I am only fooling myself and I don't have the skills, talent, whatever to be successful in this business. I have been told to "avoid discouragement" but I am really struggling with it this summer.
I suppose I have made the choices that landed me in this current situation, but I still feel somewhat victimized.
I know.
I need to just get over myself.
I need chocolate.


Wyo sis said...

Yes you are justified in being upset over the cheater lady. I'm amazed she had the b---s to tell you what she is up to. Maybe she thinks that full disclosure is the same as honesty. I can empathize with your dilemma. I didn't think I would ever realize my dream, but I prepared for it just in case and a way opened up. Keep the faith. Money troubles are the bane of our existence, but we have to press on. Just think of our parents. They did it, so I guess we can.

b said...

That is the problem with Utah and there "honest" citizens. They are always comming to classes and craft fairs and stealing others ideas. Or they buy one of something, take it home and copy it. The next crafts fair there are 10 booths with variations of the craft or idea you came up with. Pretty soon you cannot sell them because the market is flooded with them and/or everybody has learned how to make them themselves. However extensive knowledge about things and talent cannot be sold. And honest dealing with others is a pearl beyond price. You Have the integrity and dream and ability beyond the others. I have sympathy with you. I have a constant battle with paying bills. i have $0 in savings. Savings accounts don't even make 1% interest right now. you might as well put it in the mattress. I can say this your talent with the written word is almost beyond belief. I am excited every day to see if you have a new entry on your blog. I am still looking for a way to copy it. It is a treasure to me. The world is missing a great talent. but if it is any concolation to you, it has been a marvoulous uplift to my spirit. Please don't give up hope.

Big Sis said...

b is me

horseygal said...

I agree with b.
I llok forward to and love reading your blogs. I love your style of writing and also your honesty and humor!
As far as the copying, I'm afraid that it is the reason most people attend a class. To learn a new technique and then to do it themselves. I would say that unfortunately if you have something innovative that you want to show others, try to get it published so that you receive the credit first. Otherwise, it is just part of the game.....I personally cannot copy something exactly as someone else has done it, but when I do a class, my gals know that I get my ideas from everywhere and tell them so. I will say things like, "I saw a card similar to this in a mag and loved it, and thought It would look cute with this paper and stamp" and it usually looks altogether different, but I do let them know that I get my ideas from many different sources. All of the famous people we see in mags have been inspired by the works of others no matter how innovative they seem to be.
Sorry, i didn't mean to write a book, I've just been thinking about this issue a lot lately!

pudding for brains said...

MAYBE you should be FLATTERED!
Okay, Okay, Okay...The truth is, I would be Mad as a hornet, because the least she could have done was kept her dastardly plans to herself.
Someone once told me when I was down, "Everything you touch turns to GOLD" This was comforting, and I feel like you should hear this too! Be creative to be creative! Your sis is right! Do what you love with all the conviction you have--without constantly worrying about "making it". Do these things because you love them, and because they make you happy. Things then fall into place. Don't lose sight of that, or you will start to HATE what you love!
I LOVE YOU MY FRIEND...Be you, do what you do!

~Kathryn~ said...

i've taught classes where this happened - we always 'copyrighted' our class notes - which can't stop it - but hopefully would make people think twice !!