Friday, July 07, 2006

termite news

To quote from one of my DS favorite cult movies, “Tremors” “I feel I was denied pertinent, need to know information.”
The exterminator was just here. Apparently our house is located in the “termite ally” of our little town. That would have been good to know before we purchased the place. Apparently before the houses were built, the whole area was orchards. Termites love orchards, but they’re not picky, they’ll eat homes, too.
But the good news is, the damage is not extensive enough to require a full-scale ripping down of the house. The bad news, we will have to replace some of the wood in the living room. Cost is as yet unknown.

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Wyo sis said...

Oh, ick! Things that are "good to Know" are never told to prospective home buyers. It would have been "good to Know" that the bathtub drains in this house do not, in fact, drain. It would also have been "good to know" the roof leaks and the little pebbles come off in a rainstorm. Just hope you have found out the only "good to know" information your house is hiding.