Thursday, July 06, 2006

That sound you hear is me scraming

Monday, after returning for our long weekend vacation, I was cleaning up the basement bathroom (shocking, I know) and discovered tiny little bugs all over the toilet and sink.
Several of them had fallen into a paper cup on the sink, and DH decided to take them to the county agent to see what they were.
He assured DH they didn’t look like termites, but he didn’t know what they were. So he took them to the state office yesterday for identification.
Alas, he was wrong. They are termites, the underground kind ~ which makes sense since I found them in the basement.
DH is calling an exterminator today and I have no hopes for happy news. Best case scenario, we lose the bathroom for several weeks while it is torn apart and sprayed. The bathroom wall is next to my scrap room wall. Any chance termites don’t like scrapbook paper?
BTW I've converted another one. My mom called yesterday and said she wants to start scrap booking!


Chiara said...

oh yikes. So sorry about this news.

May said...


That is horrible, but at least you found them now instead of later. (right?)


melissa said...

oh no not termites!! :( hope you can get rid of them asap

Wyo sis said...

You poor kid. Do you want to come and stay here for awhile? Just don;t bring the termites.

kSTEVENSfam said...

Termites suck,(=O) but teaching Grandma how to scrap... I'm think which of these two is the lesser evil?! I guess you'll have to take Audrey Hepburns advice and choose the prettier.

Big Sis said...

Oh goody, just what you need, termites!!! I am not surprised that you have converted mom to scrapbooking. I am only surprised that she is just discovering it. It is some momish. Just the type of hobby that she would love! Hope those little bug quite bugging you soon.