Sunday, July 16, 2006

Strange weekend

This weekend was a little bit nuts and slightly odd. Few things went according to plan. But I made it through so I suppose “it’s all good.”
My Ya-Ya Scrappers class was canceled on Thursday because everyone wanted to take the class on Saturday. But I have seven students signed up for sure for my Saturday, July 29 class.
Friday a group of friends went to an all-night crop. Originally the plan was to do it as a Relief Society activity. (The woman’s organization in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) I missed two weeks of church. The first week my Mother was attending and she did not want to go to the three hour block, so we just went to Sacrament meeting. The next week we were out of town on vacation.
But I was working under the assumption I would be teaching the porthole class for the R.S. activity and wrote up a supply list for the class and took it to church. There the R.S. president told me the church would not sponsor the activity because it was an overnight event and they were concerned about the safety of the women (read liability). However, we were welcome to meet as “a group of friends” to scrapbook together.
Having two lessons canceled on me, feeling rather unhappy about our current financial state (I was rather hoping to make enough money in the Ya-Ya class to buy some groceries for the impending visit from my sister-in-law and the four cousins.) I was feeling rather gloomy when I went to the Friday night crop.
I had no scrapping mojo going for me. But one of my friends took pity and put together a page I was struggling to make work. She used all the elements I had gathered, and ended up creating a WOW page. I still need to do some journaling on it before it is ready for a public viewing.
The other page I finished was one I had been playing with and all but completed. However I wasn’t sure what photo I wanted to use. I am pleased with the results. It went a completely different direction than I planned, but it looks good.
After stumbling home at about 4:30 a.m. Saturday, I slept for a few hours and tried to unload all of my scrapping supplies. Most of them are currently still in a pile on the floor of my scrap space. I became sidetracked with a quest to clean out my letter sticker file. Some of them are going to go to Mom for her newfound interest in scrapping. The rest will be going to a LSS donation for the Primary Children’s Hospital.
A few of them ended up on the cover of the binder. It’s interesting the kinds of things you can find to do if you are sleep deprived.
Today (Sunday) I was charged with teaching the R.S. lesson on journaling. Good thing it is a beloved subject and I can teach it with my eyes closed, because I kind of did. It was a good lesson, I think.


Wyo sis said...

Good luck with the visit. I hope all is going well. Ashlee wistfully said "Holland is in Lagoon right now" the other night so maybe the visit is already over, but whatever. The cowboy page is cute.

Amy Sorensen said... are the fourth scrapbooker I know who's taught that lesson (counting me & Sophia & H.S.). I love the thought of so many members being inspired by scrapbookers to keep journals. It's just GOOD. And, I'm certain that, sleep-deprived or no, you did a great job!