Sunday, April 29, 2007

I wanted to impress you

I have been making and hording layouts to get back into the layout a day challenge on one of my scrapbook message boards. I was pretty faithful with the group from January to April, but when I took a week off for Easter I kind of lost my momentum.
So, I decided to take the month off and just make layouts, projects, cards as the mood hit. Oddly enough, I’ve been in a rather creative place since I took the pressure off myself.
I have put together a folder of about eight works to kick start May. Good thing, too, since the month is shaping up to be all baseball all the time.
Today I made a layout I absolutely love. I am so in love with it I’m struggling not to post it on the board so I can see how much (or, sadly little) everyone else loves it. You, dear reader, are the lucky one to get to preview the design.

I used the photo of Djin in the flowers. When I took it, the photo reminded me of the family ranch, and I had comments from family members saying the photo gave them the same association. So I wrote the journaling accordingly.

When I dream of home

I am always on
the ranch
in the two bedroom house
where our
family of seven
spent the summers
of my childhood.
I dream
of long golden days,
Dad haying from dawn to dusk,
home exhausted.
Mom cooking huge meals every
day to feed the
hay men.
I remember playing with the grape hyacinths and
our Siamese cat, Ming. Who usually gave birth to
a batch of kittens each summer.
With no television, we gathered
In the living room at night to read.
Just family. It was enough.

I spent some time in the local scrapbook store until I found an absolutely perfect paper combo {Crate Paper, of course. Right now I'm all about the Crate or the Cosmo Cricket} for the page and I used a sketch from the “Little Book of Sketches” to jump start the design.


wyo sis said...

Yes, I like it very much. I love the journaling. I'm a big fan of journaling. The paper is wonderful. If I knew anything at all about scrapbooking, I'm sure I'd be even more impressed. You go girl, as the hip women of the View might say.

Karen said...

Uhhh, there is nothing "hip" about the women on the view. But I do like the color scheme of your page. Purple and green are awesome.

Big Sis said...

I love it. The photo is very dlear and you can"t beat the colors

Big Sis said...

oops I mean clear

*Jeanne* said...

Just gorgeous design! WOW! I love the photo... amazing!

I love little book of sketches.. awesome sketch. You did an amazing job with it!