Thursday, April 12, 2007

Okay, I'm back

Okay, you may be wondering what the mystery blog entry was yesterday. I started writing it when I discovered it was almost time for my big Thursday night of television with Survivor, CSI and ER. Just as I was getting ready to get back to blogging DS-8 decided he needed me to help him go to sleep, and while I was in with the child DH turned off the computer, television and lights.
As I was closing in on 11 p.m. by the time I finally got the munchkin to sleep I decided to just let the whole computer thing go and get to bed.
To answer your question, Karen; sadly I am not responsible for the sketch blog. But it is cool, and they are offering a drawing for prizes to those who spread the word. Not being the sort of girl to turn down the chance at free scrapbook stuff I jumped on the band wagon to link their site on my blog.
The photos are the last of my Easter shots. I plan to do a page with them along the lines of “It was fun while it lasted.” Because within 24 hours after we brought the hover disk home the boys tossed it on top of the elementary school.
However, I anticipated the toy wouldn’t last long, and it kept a half dozen boys entertained for several hours ~ which I consider a pretty good investment for a three dollar toy.
I made the card with scraps from the A & A layout. I am slowly learning that making cards is a good way to used scraps and help clean up the work surface for the next project.
Today (knock on wood) I have the whole day to myself with no work or nothing. I took a little nap in the sun earlier in the day and just realized I need to run down to Walgreens to pick up a prescription for DS-12. As I am edging in on noon, I’ve already frittered away a good portion of the day. But I’ll be doing some scrapping this afternoon.


Karen said...

Are you little blog of sketches?

wyo sis said...

'm not quite sure what I'm supposed to do here. I looked at the site. Now what?
Cute pictures. Is that the thing that got lost on the roof of the school?

lil bro said...

Sorry my DS9 through the thing on the school roof but he also flew his RC plane on the same roof. He got his plane back when we asked the janitor to get on the roof and get it for us. I didn't see SF84 put the sticker on his forehead. I am just now starting to eat the cut cow you gave me. I wanted to save it but it's Friday, I'm home by myself and I just got my bifocals. None of this really relates but I want chocolate so there it is.