Monday, April 02, 2007

To whom it may concern:

To whom it may concern:
I will be bringing the Shane Magon wedding album with me to work on over the Easter weekend. I would appreciate anything you can contribute in the way of photos, ideas, and actual gluing.
I have currently completed all of the pages except:

N {nieces and nephews?}
Q {quiet moments?}
W {A poem beginning with the
letter W?}
Z {Z end works for me, but I need art!}
I also ran into a snag when the Making Memories rub on letters I was using ran out of "e"s. If you can find a set of "Making Memories Simply Stated" lower case rub on letters in white, (item number 23507) and bring them with you to Afton, I will repay you for them.
Karen sent me an e-mail suggesting
W ~ White
N ~ Newspaper
Any words that do not contain the letter “e” would be greatly appreciated. {Notice how "Unite" has become "Unity."} I called the manufacturer and discovered Simply Stated has been discontinued. :(


lil bro said...

Wedding starts with W. "We, not you not me but we." you can call that a poem if you like. I understand that you are arriving Wed. is that correct? I found the letters in eggshell would that be OK? Just kidding. The kids are excited to see you all. We are too.

Hillbilly sister said...

You know I feel a little left out. I was told not to come to Wyoming for Thanksgiving anymore. Never been up there for Easter either. Hello! Does anybody remember sister #3?

SageHen said...

Well I didn't tell you not to go north over Thanksgiving.
We don't usually make the trip because of the weather. And yes, Mom does tend to rain on parades.
But Wyo. Sis, Lil bro and I sort of carved out our own Easter tradition since we have a bunch of kids (and or grandkids) near the same age.
You are certainly welcome to attend as far as I am concerned. But as I don't have a house in Wyoming, I can't be your hostess.

wyo sis said...

Dear Hillbilly When did you get the idea you were not invited to any holiday at anytime? We all just come, invitations are for strangers, family just comes.
Sagehen, Wow starts with W and has the advantage of not requiring an "e". I'm so excited to see everyone!

wyo sis said...

I'm sure you tried all the in-line stuff, but is this any help?

Karen said...

How about Why? or No Way! Or my new personal fav, Zip it. Although perhaps these should be saved for a few years down the road. ;-P

As for the lettering. It'll still look around here to see if anyone has it in stock still.

Karen said...

I mean of course "I'll look around" but you knew that didn't you?

Amy said...

Q--queen for a day
W--Wedding Wonderland

Lori Scrappily said...

I just wanted to say im sorry about the letters from MM they keep back ordering them on me.