Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Best foot forward

There are some television shows I like to watch because they are so foreign to my every day existence they are like taking a trip to another country. I’m not talking about silly, soapy shows like “Desperate Housewives,” or dramas like “CSI” or even “LOST.” I’m talking about the fashion shows ~ “Project Runway” and “What Not to Wear.”
Both of them feature a style of clothing so out of the realm of my daily life as to be not unlike the ancient Chinese traditions of foot binding.
Footwear is actually a good place to start.

This is my idea of stylin’ shoes. Notice the fun colors, the matching socks, the comfortable and roomy toes. Most importantly, notice the sheer whimsy of this shoe. If they were fuzzy (a la slippers) they would be the perfect footwear.
But the fashionistas of what not to wear would be recoiling in horror and making fun at my feet’s expense should I sport such style anywhere within a 500 mile radius of New York.
Fortunately, I am not within a 500 mile radius of New York. While the way I dress would likely make me a poster child for “What Not To Wear,” I barely rate a second glance here in the Utah desert, where at least my belly and rear are covered.
“Project Runway” is entertaining simply because it is so silly, and taken so seriously by the designers. It’s a little reminder to me that although a big share of my world is composed of paper, photographs and brads, there are people in the next room who would be perfectly happy if they never saw another sheet of pretty paper.
I had someone recently tell me that art is not subjective, either it is good or it isn’t. Yes, you may like something that is not “good” art. But your liking it doesn’t automatically make it good.
I think she is probably right.
I’m pretty sure I don’t look good in my beloved “Mom Jeans” and ink stained T-shirt. Tennis shoes, as comfortable and whimsical as they may be, are not really all that flattering on my stubby legs.
No doubt the heeled, pointy toed,
fashionable shoes of “What Not to Wear” would not only make my legs look better, they would make me feel more womanly. But for the most part China gave up foot binding a long time ago because they were no longer willing to cripple their women for fashion.
In my opinion, it’s the most forward thinking thing China has ever done.


Bro said...

Art is very much subjective. If art is either good or bad who makes that decision? Does "someone" determin which art is good or bad? I personally think much of what "someone" says is good art is in fact crap! Also modesty is always the best fashon. Pink fuzzy tennies... now that could be a big hit in say Japan.

Barb said...

Loved reading your rant about footwear... I no longer have to contend with the issue since I can no long cram my "been through two pregnancy" feet into standard width shoes. Oh well... life goes on, and sensible shoes aren't really as ugly as they used to be. LOL

Wyo sis said...

However, the foreward thinking came after many years of very backward thinking. Peasants have taken over in most countries now. I guess it's because there are so many of us. It's sort of surprising that people with money seem to want to be in the most pain fashionwise (and other ways as well) Probably because peasants wear what is comfortable and cheap. I guess I'll hang on to my peasant ways forever, because I sure value comfort over class.

Amy Sorensen said...

You know, nearly every time I get dressed I think about what Stacy would say about my wardrobe. "You have TWELVE of the same T shirts, just in different colors?" Why, yes I DO! Yay for Old Navy's Perfect Fit Ts because they're not so short as to constantly expose my back and belly. Who cares that I have twelve? And two of them are black? And don't get me started on shoes. Let's just say I wear sandals---clunky Dr. Marten sandals to be clear---to church. Even in the snow. I think that as we get older we realize what really, really matters, and while yes it's important to look nice, other things really deserve more of my attention. I love this entry!