Saturday, February 25, 2006

Planning a pea encounter Updated!

I'm the third one from the right.

Today is a banner day for me. I’m going to meet a cyber friend in real life. It’s the first time I’ve ever done this, and I’m a wee bit nervous. No, I’m a lot nervous.
As I live in Utah there are so many scrappers you can’t swing a sheet of Bazzill without hitting one. Several of them are on my “home” message board, In fact through one of my Two Peas scrapping friends I found out about Scrappin’ Trends and the design team opportunity. She is on the Scrappin’ Trends design team, too.
But she is not the friend I am meeting today.
I am meeting HaughtRox and her sister Beczilla. They live very close to Cabelas and I was able to convince my DH and the brothers-in-law to drop me of while they stopped by the sporting goods store.
Rox and I share a “paperkin” friendship. We both made paper dolls of ourselves and they have been traveling the United States, via the USPS. Mine has been on the Pacific and Atlantic coast this year. I wish I was as well traveled.
Although our paper doll selves have met and mingled, I have yet to meet Rox.
She lured me out of my basement with the promise of paper and embellishments!
Stay tune, I’m taking my camera and I’m not afraid to use it.

Update ... we have contact!

Just to clarify. The reason I was nervous to meet Rox and Becky is not because I feared I wouldn’t like them. On the contrary, I was afraid they wouldn’t like me and we would have nothing to say to each other.
I can’t answer for the first fear. But as far as the second fear goes, we had plenty to say to each other.
Rox and her sister, Becky, is adorable. Her scrap room is enviable ~ not just for all the goodies, but for the fantastic layouts laying around in it. And, she is generous beyond belief. This morning I had exactly two flowers in my stash, now I have piles and piles of Primas.
But the most amazing thing was being among “my” people. I think the moment I heard Rox use the word “Mojo” in a sentence without having to explain it to me, was the moment I knew I had found the mothership.
Among the Ya-Ya’s I am a much loved eccentric. They are all really into scrap books. But frankly, most of them can’t believe the size of my stash, the amount of time I spend scrapping, and my obsession with making money in this venture.
However, when I compare myself to Rox I’m just starting to take baby steps.
Now that I have made maid my first encounter of the scrap Pea kind, I am encouraged to continue with the venture of exploring new scraprooms, and boldly going to LSS no Ya~Ya has ever seen before.
Thanks Rox and Becky for luring me out of my basement with the promise of paper and Primas. I love all the goodies, but most of all I loved meeting you!


Gwyn said...

Oh, you'll have a blast! I've met several of my cyber friends IRL now. The first one invited me to come and stay with her in LA and go to a big scrapping thing. It was wonderful!

shirley said...

Hope you have a wonderful time!! Can not wait to see the pictures from today!!

Di (Spot-On) said...

Wow major prima stash! Now get creating! ;)


Roxanne Bagley said...

Alleen I think you are just about the sweetest person! I loved meeting you and had a wonderful time!!!
We definatly need to do it again! Thank you for being my Pea buddy =)
Love you to pieces!!! XOXO

Rox -

Peg Graham said...


There's the 'flatsies' with 'Fernando', being naughty.

We'll miss them this Getaway!


Wyo sis said...

Bizarre and yet somehow weird. To each his own. Scrap on.

Cindy Lee said...

NO FLIPPIN' FAIR! I wanted to meet you FIRST! As I stomp off in a, really, so happy you had a great time and I'm SO jealous of all the Primas - gotta get me some! hugs, Cindy Lee