Friday, February 03, 2006

A bit of this an that

Not much new to report today except I did get one of my projects done, and it looks fabulous! Seriously, I am really pleased with the results.
It’s a little out of my norm. It is still very much in my style, but I haven’t done a lot of altering. This is altering in the true sense of the word ~ I not only embellished my project but I altered one object to be used in a completely different way.
I know, my explanation is vague and a bit of a tease. But I don’t feel comfortable posting the project here because I’m making it for Scrappin Trends, I’ll let you know, and provide a link, when I get both projects posted at the site. It should be sometime this weekend

. “Survivor” was fun!
I love the “old man” tribe. I think the astronaut and the jet fighter pilot are going to make it to the end. Of course I always think this kind of thing about the strong, fatherly older man. One could say I have a daddy complex. I’m usually right until the last two or three episodes, then the stronger older man gets toppled by a young buck or a sweet, stacked darlin’
I forgot to tape it for David, who had to work late. I put the tape in the machine, but the kids were watching something on Animal Planet just before “Survivor” started, and I was pretty sure David didn’t want me to tape their show. Alas, I was so excited when I heard the opening song of “Survivor,” I forgot to press record.
I remembered just as the show was winding down, and I said a few bad words. But I did manage to tape “CSI” and “ER” for him.


AlissaE said...

can't wait to see your project. (and congrats for making the team!)

Anonymous said...

I like the older men to. Especially the astronaut and the fighter pilot. I usually go for the older men too. After DH is one. Older men are concentrating on winning not flirting! Face it. The Older they are the MORE Knowledge and EXperience they have. Beauty isn't everything.