Thursday, February 16, 2006

Volunteering for a challenge

My life has suddenly become somewhat unwieldy. It isn’t anything serious, just a lot of demands on my limited talents and not enough time to take care of everything.
Now, however, it looks like I have the all clear. True, I have two more news stories to write. But the deadline isn’t looming, and I have the interviews done, I just have to discipline myself to sit down and work.
While a lot of these demands have been unavoidable, I have volunteered for some of it as well.
Science fair projects for two children, well that is a combination of unavoidable and volunteered.
Teaching in church, unavoidable, having the Ya-Ya’s and their six children in my house for six hours, volunteered.
Writing a news story about the Muscular Dystrophy lock up, unavoidable, attending the “Celebrate the Magic” Valentine’s Day dinner, entertainment volunteer.
Scrappin Trends DT brainstorming about the March newsletter, unavoidable. Taking up a scavenger hunt challenge for a scrapbook layout, volunteered.
But I had to do the scavenger hunt. Not only was it a really funny challenge, there is a possibility of free paper attached.
The challenge was to create a layout using as many of the following photographs as possible
1. You cannot create a LO designed specifically for this post--meaning you can't create one titled "scavenger hunt" and just randomly post pictures--the LO MUST make sense and have a definite theme.
2. You can use as many photos as you want, but the LO cannot be more than a 2 page spread.
3. You only get credit (points) for using each item once.
4. Use photos that you already have-Do NOT take new photos for this challenge!!!!!
5. You must tally up your own points, winner with the most will receive a gift, in the event of a tie, I will draw the winner from those with the highest point value.
6. Items must be in the photos-not stickers or embellishments on the page or a pattern in the paper....

Here is the list with point values:

1 point:
1. Candle
2. Coffee Maker
3. Hair Rollers
4. Hello Kitty
5. Telephone
6. Mask
7. Iron
8. Toilet Tissue
9. Book shelf
10. Plunger
12. Blender
13. Peanut Butter
14. Book
15. Pool Toy
16. Bird of Paradise
17. Flag
18. left shoe
19. Snow Shovel
5 points:
1. Mustard
2. Calendar
3. Switch plate cover
4. Grecian Urn
5. Grape vine
6. Box of Hair Dye
7. Cutting Board
8. Water Cooler
9. Anteater
10. Stuffed Orca
11. Snowman with a button nose
12. Batman action figure
13. Cosmopolitan Magazine
10 Points:
1. Lime Green Windbreaker/Jacket
2. Post-it Note
3. Hippo
4. Hand Lotion
5. Woman in Pink bathing suit
6. Fish
7. Witch
8. White picket fence
9. Rusted out vehicle
10. Blue teapot
20 points:
1. "Hang in There" poster
2. Robot from Lost in Space
3. An animal made from wicker or grapevine

So here is the page I produced:

I racked up 28 points. Alas, the next person had a tally of 32 points, so I am not the winner.


Barb said...

Sounds like you are one BUSY chick! And the challenge sounds way cool... but I can't see your LO. Waaaaaah! :(

Karen said...

I can't see it either and would love too!

chris jenkins said...

wow - i truly admire you for volunteering for all of those things - amazing you are! love the LO - I don't see to many LOs these days (including my own) that include more than one picture

Wyo sis said...

Confused but impressed.