Friday, February 17, 2006

Blog housekeeping, don't forget the toilet!

Just a little blog housekeeping, some ideas I’ve been tossing around, and assorted odds and ends.

For those of you trying to figure out my scavenger hunt challenge, here’s a link to the page where I posted it. I kind of did yesterday’s blog on the fly, so I’m sorry if I was confusing.
I have another toot, of sorts. I have been asked to edit the monthly newsletter for the Scrappin Trends Design Team. I’m still not entirely sure what it will involve, but since I can put out a newsletter in my sleep, it should be fun and a good little resume builder.

Here is another page I did for a challenge This challenge was to use “themed paper” (as in Christmas, birthday, happy Halloween) in something other than it’s intended purpose. I chose to use my “girly” paper for my cat, since she is the only female in the house besides me. I need more girls. Attention family members, please send me photographs or your girl children. Or send the girl children themselves so I can take pictures of them.

On a completely different subject, someone posted this link at my Two Peas in a Bucket message board. I must say, I love the idea of great bathrooms. I am something of a bathroom connoisseur although you couldn’t tell from any bathrooms in my house.
One of my favorite women’s rooms was on the third floor of the Utah State University (ack! I can’t remember the name of the main building) where the “Utah Statesman” was published. It was an old-school ladies room with a lounge area, containing a couch, separated from the toilet area. I was one of a handful of women working for the paper at the time, and we could always escape to our own private lounge to talk, take naps, etc.
Years later, whenever I took the long drive home from St. George to Afton, Wyo. I always stopped at Utah State University to use the restroom. It was the nicest facility along the way.
On the other hand I hate with a white hot passion restrooms found at rest stops and gas stations. They are nasty, dirty and just too darn public for my taste. Again, when I traveled alone I always stopped at a store to do my “resting.” Usually the upscale clothing stores were the best place to stop.
I have other thoughts rattling around in my head about keeping my mojo going, etc. But the kids are home from school today and they are currently engaging in a lively game of beating on each other so I need to get them (and me!) out of the house.


Barb said...

Oooh, I love your scavenger hunt LO... such a cool idea! Thanks for posting it bigger for me. ;)

And your girly cat LO is awesome too. The paper is fun, and the curve on the bottom is very cool.

Now I'll stop bugging you, okay? :P

Bro said...

e-mail of the daisy on the way.

Gwyn said...

Okay, I admit to taking photos of really cool bathrooms, too. I should maybe do a mini-book or something.

Wyo sis said...

Love clean bathrooms, hate to clean them.