Friday, September 08, 2006

Back where I started

Look’s like I’m back where I started.
It seems like just two years ago I started designing page kits for a group of friends who regularly gathered to exchange pages and scrap together. This group became the Ya-Ya Scrappers and the page kits were quickly given up because it was so hard to design pages for other people.
But the other day when I walked into my LSS (Scrappily Ever After) the store owner showed me an album full of page kits and invited me to make some for the store. This is my first attempt. I think it is rather ordinary, but I didn’t use a lot of paper, which is good. I used two sheets of cardstock, one sheet of 12X12 printed paper and one sheet of 8 ½ X 11 printed paper as well as some rick-rack and a big brad.
The store owner has a die cut machine we used to make the word “Boo” for the title. She said she liked the page and gave me enough paper to make 10 kits. The only problem is I can’t find any black rick rack.
The rick rack used on the page was from my stash of goodies I picked up this spring while visiting my Mother. But you wouldn’t think black rick rack would be particularly difficult to find. You would be wrong. Wal-Mart doesn’t have it, neither does the LSS. Since that’s about the size of craft stores in my town, I might have to make a trip into SLC, which makes no sense, when you figure in the price of gas, feeding a family of four (because we can’t go into SLC without eating out) and all the extra purchases we are bound to make while visiting a craft store.
Yet odds remain good that we will, in fact, make the trip ~ if for no other reason than it gives us and excuse to eat somewhere besides my kitchen or a fast food joint.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Jo-Ann's house of fabric and craft on line has rick rack of all colors and sizes. So no trip to SLC needed. The web site is:

Hope this helps.
Sue E

Wyo sis said...

Eat out in your own town and order stuff online. I hate to change technology all the time, but I do look foreward to the day when we can have actual merchandise faxed to us! Star Trek! you were truely ahead of your time.

kSTEVENSfam said...

my wal-mart had black felt rick rack for less than a dollar. I almost bought it for you but I figured you could probably find some sooner than I could get around to sending it.