Thursday, September 28, 2006

My list of ten

Following the footsteps of my fellow blogger Sophia, here is my list of 10
Ten things I did this week:
1. Bought two “new” chairs from a thrift shop.
2. Spent three hours in said thrift shop waiting for, then shopping with a friend.
3. Visited a woman who has completely decorated her home thrift shop style. (yes, there is a connection.
4. Stayed up to watch “Project Runway.”
5. Actually clapped my hands when Michael made the cut.
6. Researched and wrote a story about E. coli.
7. Attended a meeting at Stansbury Park.
8. Wrote a story about nutrient loading in the Stansbury Lake.
9. Compulsively checked the DZine Showcase to see if anyone was looking at my entry.
10. Compulsively checked my e-mail to see if anyone had seen my entry in the Showcase and wanted to hire me.
Ten things I wanted to do this week, and didn’t:
1. Paint my furniture
2. Clean up my scrap mess in the wake of the DZine showcase.
3. Sign a contract with a manufacture (you have to be offered one before you can sign it).
4. Go to bed early and get a good night’s sleep.
5. Get a new kitten for the family.
6. Put together 10 scrapbook page kits for my LSS.
7. Submit my “Closer you Get” page to magazines.
8. Make a sign out of the “Trick or Treat” vinyl lettering sitting on my coffee table.
9. Dust the mini-blinds
10. Start planning ideas for the 2007 Creating Keepsakes Hall of Fame contest.
Ten things that made me smile:
1. The photos of my friend’s new kitten.
2. A and L saying “in your face, in your face, in YOUR face” as they played video games together. Hey, they weren’t hitting each other or crying.
3. The news that my niece, Elizabeth is expecting her first baby.
4. The “Happy Harvest” letters on my front door.
5. A photo of Karen and Mace on the Ferris wheel.
6. Wyo. Sister’s bleach pen comment.
7. The help of my friends, Jessica and Michelle, when I need it.
8. A bag of Dove chocolate.
9. Spending time with DH.
10. The “Let’s go Outback Tonight” jingle. I don’t know why I like it so much, but I do.


Karen said...

I think I may steal this too... your lists are very fun (and full of creative activities!)

Big Sis said...

I was glad Michael made it also. Unfortunatly so did that jack--- Jeffery. I like Laura best. It isn't fun to be in your forties and trying to keep up with the youngins. In my job, even though I am on the downhill side of 50 (how on Earth did that happen?), I can work as hard or harder than the young college students. I pay a high price hough. I am totally exhausted after work, and can not manage to do anything else. I have been on vacation this week. but I only have $1.10 to my name so I didn't do a dang thing. I get paid tomarrow so maybe Icanget groceries. I get a raise on the first, but unfortunatly the price of food, utilities, gas, and Rx got even higher raises than I did. I think I am probably worst off.

Wyo sis said...

If I had to list 10 things I did this week it would be so pathetic. When did it happen that the only things I do are at work where I have to. I should occasionally do something I want to. I must say, at least, not much was as icky as a story about E. coli. Although I stayed home today with much bathroom activity coping with something akin to E. coli and that was most assuredly icky. I cried when Tim said he had worried all day about telling one of the designers to pack up their things. Of course if he had said pack up to tat boy I wouldn't have cried. I'm way too emotionally involved with these people.

Sophia C. said...

I love your lists and I love your door! I want to hear more about the thrift shop decorating. I watch HGTV and think "I could never find anything that cool!" I think that I need a vinyl door sign too. My walls are too textured. Dang, I just ordeed three more signs this week. Now, I'll have to call Amy again. Thanks for the suggestions! Have a great conference weekend!


Karen said...

You may not like Jeffery but he's a good designer. If I was skinnier I'd weat his stuff! That being said I like MIchael a lot but he should have stuck to sportswear, that's where he shines!