Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Picture Day!!!

Yesterday was picture day, the day I spend $14 to get photos of my children I could take for free at home.
Both of my children look fab. They climbed out of bed early to shower and slick down their hair. I even ironed a T-shirt for the youngest, who, left to his own devices would most certainly have worn the “Video Games Warped My Brain” shirt, if he had managed to find it, hidden under a huge pile of underwear.
This self-same youngest son is a great photo subject. He loves to pose for me and his light skin and blue eyes really work well in the right light.
But, put him in a gymnasium in front of a strange photographer and the photos are nothing less than spectacularly bad.
I took photos of the kids before they left for school. When I get the picture day photos back I expect to see DS-A looking like he’s coming off a three day bender, while DS-L will look like one of those Victorian photos, stiffly posed, fake smile firmly affixed.
I’m thinking of doing a before and after layout of the two shots.


Wyo sis said...

Yea for picture day! You should be a teacher, then it comes for YOU! I don't need a photo record of my slide into senility.
Your boys are darling and it will be hard to make them look bad, but I suspect a determined, flustered, overworked, desperate, school photographer can do it.

Anonymous said...

Logan is so cute!!