Thursday, September 14, 2006

Thoughts on the "Runway"

I took the photo at my Stansbury Park meeting last night. I changed it to black and white, cuz it looks cool that way. But it is also a homage to the black and white challenge.

I watched Project Runway last night. If you don't watch it, you won't understand a word of this entry. If you do, tell me you opinions too.
I was just praying Vincent wouldn't say
"get's me off" after he returned. *shudder*
But I didn't think they would stay around for long.
I loved Laura's dress, loved it. I would wear
it if I looked like a model.
Michael's was great too, and I did like the white instead of the black. But it reminded me of the '80s for some reason.
Uli's dress, was the same old, but I liked the sleeves and neckline and I liked it short, nice touch. I knew Kayne was going to go almost as soon as the show started. He just hasn't been able to hold it together.
But I won't cry for him, I think he has a good career ahead of him for the "tacky" crowd.
Jeffery ~ I liked his dress up to a point,
but I just couldn't get on board with the tights/leggings things, ugg.


Karen said...

I like Lauras dress too and I'm gald she won for the sake of her pregnancy hormones. I think/hope Michael wins becuase I consistently enjoy his work. He really knows how to make a woman look good. I usually like Jeffery's stuff (rocker chic is uber-cool) but I did NOT like this work. I did however like the leggings... sorry! I knew Kane was going to go but I really liked his dress. He just needs to mature a little and he'll be fine. Come back to P.R. in a few years Kane and you'll blow everyone away! I did like Uli's dress but she's a one trick pony and I don't think she'll make it to the final 3. How many times can she make the same dress?

Karen said...

Whoops I forgot about Vincent and what's her face. What can I say? How about "yuck!" I'm soooooo glad neither of them are back!

Big Sis said...

I like Mivhael also. He does make a woman look good, and I really like white, but I didpise black. Laures dress was beautiful also. They will be the 2 finalists I hope. I don't like Jeffery one bit. The stupid tattoo around his neck shows that the he Has absoultly no Idea about style. There was no excuse for the way he treatee That Womans Mother. He has no class!

Wyo sis said...

I love Kayne and absolutely hate Jeff. After Kayne proposes a toast to Jeff's win Jeff says "who cares if he gets hurt?" Nice Guy. I also hate his clothes and he is every bit as one trick as Uli and Angela. Vincent is just disgusting. What a dirty old man. He says "I'm making beautiful music" about the doggy crap he has been making and thinks he has a "gift" talk about delusional. Michael is everything, a nice guy (captain save a ho) a good designer, a wonderful constructionist and he loves his mother! I hope he wins. I identify with Laura. I've been 42 and pregnant and it ain't fun. She is just funny and cute. "Throw it on the pile with the others." Only a mother of 5 could say that so convincingly. She must have a wonderful husband. Kayne what can I say He's "not a bitch he just plays one on TV" I love that guy and his clothes.

Asher said...

When I herd that Kane was out I cried for an hour. In my opinion, kane, next to Laura & Michel, is the best desiner by far!! Mom told me that next weeks show wasn't coming. I think its because Hidi might have had her kid. And I agree with Karen. Michel has the stuff. I loved the dress he made this week, but mom didn't. Who Knows Why. FINALLY!!! Vincent is GONE for GOOD!!! He has been desining crap from the begining. It took a while for the judges to realize that.