Friday, November 10, 2006

As we prepare for Ginger

Our kitty is going to come home tomorrow!

Karen tells me she looks like this. I guess we need to buy the books.

Will she engage in cards, cross-species loving or cuddling the computer mouse?
I'm sure she will be crazy, but that's how we like our cats.


Wyo sis said...

Hooray for Ginger! We salute your fortitude in adopting yet another house wrecker and heart stealer. You are putting yourself out there, but it beats holding back and never going for it. Lately Bucky has taken to trying to crawl under every sheet of paper or scrap of cloth he can find. I'm thinking he wants desperatly to get away from us.
We are lamenting your absence at Thanksgiving already, but (aside from the evil mundane $ issues) it would not be good to leave a new baby home alone. Have a good Thanksgiving with your own little clan.

Karen said...

Yippie for you! Kitties are sooo great. I love having Gigi even though It's putting a crimp in the "lessen my expenses" hul-la-ba-loo (I can't afford my apartment but most places won't take pets!)