Friday, November 17, 2006

The one thing worst than a dentist

Is not having a dentist when you need one.
Poor DS-12 is not having a good weekend. He had two teeth pulled today. They were baby teeth, but the permanent teeth growing in behind them are crooked so they were not disolving the roots of the baby teeth.
Looks like we have braces (and the bills) in his future.
To add insult to injury the tooth pulling meant he had to miss helping with an Eagle Scout project today and a camp-out tonight. Truth to tell, I don't think he's all that upset about missing the camp out.
What's more, he has to give a talk in church on Sunday.
I guess it could be worse. His cousin H spent a few days this week at Primary Children's Hospital getting a cyst removed from her neck.
Sorry Razer and Hollers, we couldn't make it over to visit you because DH had to work and my car is not reliable enough to make the trip.
I hope you are on the mend, my friend.


Big Sis said...

I didn't have a good day either. I spent my "day off" at work. My helper called in with family problems and couldn't come in so I got to trade his day off for mine. His is tomarrow. That means I get overtime this week, but next week I'll be a day short. to make matters worse, the student helpers called in sick. I also had a lot of takeout to do that the Morning crew didn't get donr. mainly becauise we didn;t get the takeout turkey prepped for todays takeout, because surprise, surprise. We didn'nt have enough turkey roasts in stock. when thay came in this morning they were frozen solid. We also had a housing party to make "refreshments " for. These consisted of a whole other meal. AAARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. When are we getting photos back on the blog? The casrtoon drawings are cute though. I hate dentists! Especially the prices. I keep having to have the same expensive work done over and over again. I think I should find a new dentist!!

Rayzer said...

H is on the mend. It would have been nice seeing you but all there was was a lot of sitting and waiting. H wasn't done with her surgury until around 5:30 tue and we left for home round 9:30 wen. So there wasn't much visit time anyway

Wyo sis said...

Love to hate them, but couldn't live without them.