Sunday, November 19, 2006

Say whaaaaa...?

I am feeling out of focus and out of control. Now this is not exactly new, but it has been intensified lately with DH working two jobs.
It seems like much of my life is at the whim of forces around me. I never know from one week to the next what DH schedule will be, what work I will be doing for the newspaper and what I should be doing for my children or my church job.
This is not a good season to be feeling so fuzzy. I have stacks and stacks of work to do, as does anyone in charge of the holiday for their family.
As an example:
My boss called Friday after more than a week of no contact and gave me a list of four stories to write this week. He wants two of them tomorrow.
Logan had a talk to write for church today.
We desperately needed haircuts for the boys, and DH had to go to work, so I needed to make sure he had a clean shirt.
At about 5 p.m. last night I threw some chicken in the crock pot to cook it for the enchiladas’ I was going to make for today’s dinner. DH came home after 11 p.m. and asked me what I planned to do with the chicken. Whoops. I can’t smell it cooking, so I forgot it was in there.
While we visited I cleaned out the refrigerator to make room for the crock pot. I put a leftover pork chop in a smaller bowl and talked to DH about his day.
Then I went to bed and left the crock pot full of chicken sitting on the kitchen counter
Fortunately DH noticed it and asked me if I wanted to put it in the fridge.
Umm, duh!
Sure I do.
If anyone out there has ideas of how I can keep on task, I truly would appreciate the advice.


Big Sis said...

Don.t ask me, Fri. at work I kept opening the walk in frig. going in it , Looking around comming out then taking two steps to the rack with the raw chicken on it, forgetting what I just looked at in the frig. I did that about 4 or 5 times before I got my act together enough to remember what I saw in said frig and how that applied to said chicken!! I feel a haze comming on, no it is more a depression and it isn't comming on it is here already. The world we live in is in too big of s hurry and it wants to hurry more just look at the ads in TV. for gadgets like ATM machines and Debit cards the are even faster and more convient then ever. One ad shows how a man paying CASH slows down a checkout line and then advertizes a new dedit card that is even faster. It is REAL money and the ad acts as if it was taboo!HELP!

rayzer said...

Hang in there it's just going to get worse.

Hillbilly sister said...

I can so totally relate to the haziness. I am in the middle of one right now. I just take a deep breath and let it out slowly. Take one step at a time, eventually things will work itself out. One thing that helps me get through is no matter what, I always take some down time every day, I can't afford not to! Hang in there!!!

Wyo sis said...

Let me see if I have this right. . . you are overworked, under supported and losing your mind. Yep, that confirms it you are a mother of school age kids! Keeping on task is a vicious myth invented by the women's movement to convince you you are not fully a woman until you are exactly like a man. (by the way they [both men and feminists] are not on task either)

rayzer said...

Hey! Wyo sis I resent what... what was I talking about again?

Chia said...

I just stumbled by here...
One think I learned was that I needed to stop trying to arrange my schedule to please everyone else. Firgure out what you have to do and when it needs done. If that means DH missing dinner or the kids having to deal with dishwasher noise while watching tv (just general examples)too bad. You are overworked now and you need to hang on to what little control that you can if you want to hang onto your smile. And learn to take care of yourself. Sometimes making time to scrapbook or enjoy a sunny day is way more important than cleaning toilets and carpets. Good luck to you.