Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Cuz I deserve it

You deserve it.
I’ve been hearing that a lot lately, and not in the snide” you done me wrong and now your foot is stuck in a mud puddle, Ha, Ha, Ha!” way.
More in the “I know this is an insane luxury, but I want it so by golly I deserve it” way.
I saw the most glaring example of this while watching “Doctor 90210” (Yep, I watch crap like that) while waiting for DH to come home from work one night.
The featured subject was a woman in her, say, mid 40s, with three daughters, a doting husband, a nice house and a fine figure.
The problem, under her clothing her belly was showing the effects of giving birth to those three daughters and was saggy and baggy. Raise you hand if you managed to reach your mid 40s, rather or not you gave birth to three children, without getting some saggy, baggy going on in the middle region.
I though not.
This woman, however, was not pleased. Understandable, I’m not pleased, either. And had taken herself to Dr. 90210 to have the saggy, baggy removed and ~ as a fun bonus, lift and separate the girls.
While under the knife she also had some work done to get rid of those unfortunate lines, baggy eyes, etc.
This is all fine and good. I don’t suppose there is a mid-40 woman in America who wouldn’t like to be less ~ well 40 looking. While I don’t see myself getting a body overhaul I can’t say as I don’t understand her desire to do so.
What I don’t understand is the doctor’s statement; “You Deserve It!”
Why does one saggy, baggy woman in California deserve the lift, separate and de-wrinkle treatment more than say a saggy, baggy woman in Utah?
I frankly don’t believe I deserve it. I deserve the saggy, baggy, wrinkled and droopy face and body I currently sport.
I earned it by golly!
There was a time that growing old gracefully meant getting saggy and baggy and not making a big old fuss about it. Now, I guess it is not allowing the saggy and baggy to occur and go kicking and screaming into middle age.
While I can’t say I embrace the changes, I have come to accept them. Graceful or not, that is who I am.

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Big Sis said...

Well I certainly have sags bags and wrinkles. I earned mine also! I worked hard for them also! I am who I am! I really don't don't like the "update" much, But it is your blog, so if you like it thats fine. Where did your picture of you go?