Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Ginger, Cinnamon and Spice

“Ginger” is our new kitten, although we don’t actually have her yet.
She and her litter-mates (she is one of six kittens, three boys and three girls) are currently recovering from a respiratory infection at the Camelot Health Spa. DS-12 digitally cleaned the goop out of her eyes for the photo.

She also had an older brother at the spa. She is about 6-weeks old and her brother is something like four months old and recovering from some unnamed ailment. Apparently her kitty parents (or would that be grand-parents?) have allowed her fur mommy to reproduce freely.
Ginger’s cat mother decided at some point she no longer wanted to be a mother and stopped taking care of her six babies, and the little ones are being fattened up at their new temporary home.
I kind of want to bring them all home. I really love Siamese kittens.
The decision to take Ginger over her sisters Cinnamon and Spice was rather arbitrary. When the Spa caretakers hauled the three kittens out of their pen she gave one to DH, one to DS-12 and held one herself. Cinnamon, the one in DS-12s hands clawed him mercilessly, and I picked her off him rather the way one might pluck a barbed wire fence from a pair of blue jeans.
DS-12 did not like Cinnamon. But she and I managed to get along okay. I cuddled her down and set her to purring. One of Spice’s eyes was glued shut because of her cold, which made her look a little unattractive, but she was a little sweetie.
But Ginger had the good fortune (or perhaps bad fortune, it’s hard to say) of being handed to DH. She and DH dealt very well together so she was our pick.
These kittens are a lot more “Siamese” than Katie was. They are short haired, and have the triangle face, slinky body and big ears of pure breed Siamese. They are also noisy!
Katie wasn’t much of a talker. We didn’t even hear her meow for the first few weeks of her residency.

The list of kitty names continues to grow. DH is now partial to either keeping her “Ginger” name or going with something witchy like Endora, Esamarelda or Sarena.
I still like Mojo.

Swell pens

While we were in Bountiful, we stopped by the Office Max where I picked up some more pens. I’ve discovered a new fab pen, TOL. If you are a pen freak like I am, I believe you will like them.
I also found a Meed Composition Quad / College Ruled notebook.
The top half of the book is graph paper, the bottom is ruled paper. It’s a sewn notebook, like all those composition notebooks from your childhood.
I love it! DH, spotted it first, DS-12 grabbed two, I grabbed two and DS-7 wanted one, just because we did. We ended up buying the whole stack.
If you really want to see it, look here.

I’ll be posting the story of my fun (?) Halloween as soon as I can get Blogger to take the photos.

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Wyo sis said...

Why you little. . . You can't get ahead of me on cool pens! I'll have to get out there and look more often. I love the notebooks and the possibilities at a long inservice/seminar meeting are truly staggering.