Monday, November 06, 2006

Oh my! Stars!

Older family members may remember the day BIL taught us how to make these Christmas stars. His family made them and sold them at Christmastime for extra spending money.
I think I am the only one of the crew that really took to the craft. I’ve been making them off an on since L taught us how to make them.
These are made from a double-sided scrapbook paper. I made them to help decorate my local scrapbook store (LSS). I have also advised her to make paper chains to decorate the business.
I and the DSs have also been making paper chains this weekend. DS-12 really enjoyed it. DS-7 was happy until he realized DS-12s chain was longer, and then he pouted for about 20 minutes. Ah the joys of sibling rivalry.
I’m thinking about making them to sell at the LSS but I’m not sure how much to charge. I figure it costs about 30 cents to make them and they take at least 15 minutes to make one. So if I pay myself $10 an hour, I would have to charge $3 per star. The question is, would people be willing to pay $3 a star.
I was working on one yesterday in Sunday School and had to leave because of tummy trouble. A few minutes later, one of the ladies who had been sitting behind me in class came up to me (I was sitting in the lobby) and asked how I made the star. Then a second came up with the same question.
I’m going to try to teach one of them how to do it on Friday and see how difficult it is to teach her, she is not at all crafty. If I can get her to figure it out, I can teach it in the LSS for a make and take.
I hope you are impressed with the arty nature of the photos. I spent about 20 minutes on the floor of my living room trying to get everything just right. You would think my house was going to be spectacular this Christmas, if you didn’t see the behind-the-scenes photo.
Yet another reason to love photography, you can always paint your life as being better than it actually is.


Karen said...

I'm seriously considering getting a booth in a local craft fair to make some extra money. YOu should do it with me! Those stars are cute!

Roxanne B said...

Oh man I totaly am diggn' those stars! You can teach me how any day! I would love to decorate my tree with them!

Rox -

Hillbilly sister said...

I am honored that you remember my husband teaching you to make these stars. I think $3.00 would not be asking too much.

Wyo sis said...

Three dollars sounds about right especially if the paper is very pretty. People pay a lot for Christmas decorations. I forgot how, so if you come here for Thanksgiving you can refresh my memory. You are, by-the-way invited to come here for Thanksgiving as always.