Monday, May 29, 2006

Birds and flowers

I’ve been wandering around in my back yard again. One of the best things about buying an older home ~ at least in our case ~ is we have a lovely garden planted and tended by the lady who owned the house before us.
Each year a bountiful selection of flowers bloom throughout the summer. It started with tulips and iris (although we did plant some of the iris) and now we have columbine, a bunch of different kind of roses and these big white flowers. I think they are called pom-poms but I’m not exactly sure.
It is an old fashioned garden with the flowers I remember from my childhood. I love columbine. I remember “sucking the nectar” out of the little trumpet-like shapes on the flowers. We have also planted lilacs in the front yard, and this year we actually had one of them bloom. I’m hoping to get some healthy bushes in a few years.
Every year we also plant sunflowers. I love them because they are so darn cheerful, the cat loves to hide in them and stalk the little yellow birds that come to eat the seeds, D likes them because they offer shade for the lilacs and the boys like them because they are so very large.
We went to Burger King for breakfast because I had a craving for the cheesy tots. The only Burger King in our community is at a truck stop area near the freeway and the Great Salt Lake; it’s about a 15 minute drive from our house.
There was a mix-up with the order, there usually is at this eatery, but eventually we managed to get our cheesy tots, milk and a few extra orders of hash browns to apologize for the mistakes.
We had planned to take the extra hash browns home with us, but there were sea gulls lurking outside the joint and my DSs love to feed the gulls. Now I know sea gulls are just flying rodents, but really are funny. I took some shots of the bird jumping in the air to snag the hash browns before they could hit the ground.
Later today we are planning to go to the movie “Over the Hedge.” I have plenty to do, but most of it is fun stuff, and I’m not feeling rushed. It has been a lovely holiday.


Adrienne said...

What beautiful pics!

Wyo sis said...

Shame on you for contributing to the further delinquency of the flying rodents! We did the same thing one time in Oregon and the lady running the place came out and yelled at us. How lucky to have a great garden already planted. We are not gardeners nor did we luck out and move into a great gardeners house. Oh well, it's sad to see a well tended garden die and know you are responsible for it. I already have a certain amount of guilt about the lawn and house, the last thing I need is flower guilt.

kSTEVENSfam said...

I hate birds!!! And beware of feeding flying rodents, when we were in Oregon my friends and I were throwing fries in the air to seagulls and one landing in my hair. I'm guessing you can imagine the rest. I needed a phone booth!