Monday, May 22, 2006

That's my boy

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As you can see, I have more photos of A. He is the one family member who think’s it’s fun to have his photo taken. As a result, my A file is bulging with more shots than the rest of the family combined ~ including the cat.
The light this morning was great. It’s overcast, so we don’t have harsh shadows, but still I have the bright morning light.
A came upstairs dressed for school in a shirt and shorts two sizes too small for him. I sent him downstairs to change the shorts, but decided to let the shirt ride. Then I caught him drying his wet sling-shot ammunition on his shirt. So I sent him back down to change the shirt, too.
After all the changing was done, I loved the way he looked. It’s not really dressy enough for school, (note the hole in the knee!) But it is So Very Little Boy. He went outside to swing while I made the lunches and I saw him on the swing with the sling-shot in hand. I couldn’t resist. I had to take the photos.
I can’t decide which version of the photo I like best. Thoughts anyone?
I am constantly amused by the life of having boys in my house. The other day I went to unload the dryer and found this little plastic lizard resting comfortably on the bottom of the dryer drum. It made me laugh, so I had to take pictures, but I’m not sure the photographs do justice to the moment.
Whine alert.
Do not read past this point if you do not want to read about my poor pathetic life.
It is also possible you will read To Much Information.
Are you sure you still want to read?
This is your final warning.
These happy little moments make up for the misery I am currently enduring. I have a head cold, accompanied by an ear infection and what I believe to be pink-eye, although the PA I visited yesterday was not convinced.
I am seeping fluids from eyes, and nose and hacking up unfortunate slime balls. The entire experience has made me extremely cranky.
Yesterday I went to church long enough to teach my lesson before crawling home to bed. But I can’t sleep, because whenever I recline all the liquids migrate to my head. Last night, after keeping DH up much of the night hacking and blowing my nose, I finally, at 4 a.m. went into the basement and watched television for an hour. By 5 a.m. I was ready to sleep. But at 7 a.m. it was time to get up and get everyone ready for school.
We have little more than a week left of school, which is a mixed blessing. I told DH yesterday that we would be mucking out the house this summer. He agreed. We’ll see. I know L will work for me, A will not.
But seriously, we have to clean the place before the board of health comes and condemns it.
The final, seriously whiny, whine.
Why isn’t anyone looking at my blog and commenting anymore. Is it something I said? Whaaaaaah!


Sheila said...

The sepia one is my fave. I think it fits the photo best. What is on his shoulder?? I couldn't tell. Anyway, sorry about the cold. I'm getting over one myself. Actually, my whole family is getting over one. Ugh. As for commenting, I often wonder the same thing. Who knows?

~Debby~ said...

(((HUGS))) There now you feel better!!! Sepia tone is the picture I like most.

Wyo bro said...

What am I?... some kind of minced organ? Don't know what it's called but I like the one where the sling shot and the pants are the only colored part.

Renee said...

I think I like the b/w best and then a close second being the sepia one. And I totally know what you mean about the reading and not posting thing. My stats show like 50 views on a topic with only a few posts. Cute pics BTW.

Wyo sis said...

Lets throw a pity party, (or a pitty party), for ourselves. I have 4 more days of school, and about 4 personal days left this year, do you see a theme developing here? I wish I could just tell this year to disappear from my memory. I've had more yucky days than good, and I'm permanently bone tired. I think heaven is either sleeping all the time, or having energy and not thinking about sleeping all the time.

tara said...

I really enjoy reading your blog. Your pictures are beautiful! How did you colorize the photo where just the jeans and sing shot are colored. I want to learn how to do that! visit my blog at

tara said...

I meant 'sling' shot... oops!