Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Quarter joy

There is joy in our house today. Governor Huntsman has selected the Golden Spike design as the official Utah Quarter.
My DS-11 was in the bedroom watching the news (I know, weird) and I heard him whooping. I thought something was wrong until he came roaring into the kitchen all excited because the Golden Spike design was chosen over a design featuring a beehive and a second with a snow boarder on it.
When the three designs were first proposed L was disgusted with the snowboarder because it didn’t aptly portray the history of the state. He wanted the Golden Spike. He wrote a letter to the governor expressing his opinion and was delighted when he received a letter back from the governor’s office.
L is a bit of a train fanatic. During the summer we first moved to Tooele we spent a lot of time visiting various train museums, rides, etc. One of them was Promontory Point where the first transcontinental railroad was joined together. The visitor’s center had a reenactment of that moment when the Golden Spike was driven into the railroad connecting the eastern and western lines.
For Christmas one year L was given a small, battery operated version of the Jupiter (one of the train engines involved in the transcontinental meeting) to run on his Thomas the Tank Engine track. We don’t use the track much anymore, but every Christmas the trains come out and go under the tree. So the Jupiter has become part of our holiday traditions.
I suspect when the Utah quarter is released, we will go get a roll of them for L’s collection.

Perhaps you have noticed a lack of blog updates on my part lately. I’ve been around; I just haven’t felt very blogish. I’m weaning myself from caffeine. I drank my last Wild Cherry Pepsi on Sunday. Now it’s just water, water and more water. I’ve been having panic attacks, and I think the caffeine may be contributing to them. As much as I love the pop fizz ahhh of my soda pop, I don’t love feeling like I am having a heart attack.
Since I am dropping the pop, I am also trying to go for a more healthy diet. This is not to say I haven’t had some chocolate in the last few days, because I have. But I don’t have a big ol’ bowl of M&Ms out on the counter where I can grab a handful whenever I walk past.
As a result of the caffeine fast, I’m feeling a little out of sorts and sleepy. The good news is I haven’t really had any headaches.
I also have a busy schedule this week, and have just realized the whole month is going to be a bit crazy as we are getting ready to wind down school.
So I will try to keep up on the blog, but I suspect it will be a bit sporadic for a few days.

I've been playing in the photo shop program of my computer. What do you think of this photo?


Adrienne said...

Its really neat! I love PS

alecia grimm said...

cool photos! Glad your son had his fav. quarter design picked. Have a good day!

Karen said...

When I quit drinking pop Fruit2O saved my life!!! I also drink the Nestle PureLIfe Splash waters and the flavored Dasani. Flavored water is the only way I could have done it.

Bro said...

I have been off "the Dew" for 17 months but I still have decaf pop most days. I know that I feel much better not being on the stuff. I still drink pop "deDew" when I can get it (have to go to I.F. to get it) but I know I would drop about 50# if I just quit pop all together.
L you would love the Netherlands because there are trains everywhere. I miss riding on them.

Wyo sis said...

I'm glad L got his favorite quarter. He is a go getter. I wonder if his letter helped. I completly understand the pop problem and I have to say I am a bit of a failure in that department. I quit completly for a week, then I decided I could have Pepsi when we ate out. Then I would get it when I felt tired in the morning . . . you know the rest. I don't drink it at night anymore and I've cut down to about 32 ounces a day. I was probably drinking more than a gallon a day before. I hope the cut down will result in some benefit, but I have pretty much given up on a complete switch to water.

Pi-day Dave said...

I too have gone off the caffiene, and what a week to do it. It is the CORE CRT's (end of level) test. On top of that I have a cold. Boy it has been a rough week.

JoE said...

I love the photo--good luck with the diet. I was doing the no soda thing too until my vacation. Now I am trying to get back on schedule. I know that you don't want to hear it, but when you feel your most tired, you should exercise. It will bring your levels back up and give you more energy.

Holl said...

That is awesome Logan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!