Friday, May 19, 2006

It's nice to share

Since I can't post photos of anything else, I'll show off my Iris Cart Mother's Day gift. I'm afraid I'm very much like my Mother. I love things with many drawers so I can sort and stack.
I want to share.
I have been working on several scrap book projects over the last couple of weeks, and I desperately want to post them to a gallery or in my blog or somewhere. But I can not because I have made them for specific calls. And in every case the call asks that the project, layouts, etc. not be posted.
So I have been forced into a mysterious silence and lack of new photos in my blog. I have been scrapping more this week than I have for quite some time. Alas, I have nothing to share.
Tuesday a friend came over and I helped her with a project for her brother. He is getting married this weekend.
The bride-to-be decided she wanted a photo album of their pre-wedding photos to use as a guest book. The problem is, she didn’t get the papers, etc. to my friend until last Friday, leaving her with a week to put together a 16 page album.
So I made 4-5 pages in a five hour period.
Over the weekend I put together a layout with photos of my youngest son and his two cousins. When I went up to visit for Easter, all three little blond boys were dressed in red shirts, so I had to take a ton of photos. But this layout is headed to CK for their book call. I did a second one with the girl cousins, also for the CK book call.
I am in the process of putting together a really fun mini-album for the Crate Paper contest at Scrappin Trends. I am really excited about the concept, and when I took it into my LSS (Local Scrapbook Store) to do some die-cuts, the owner’s husband told me I should teach a class.
So, I might be picking up a teaching gig this summer. Whoo Hoo! But I can’t officially toot yet, because (a) I can’t show the project and (b) I’m not sure she’s going to be able to find a spot and the right equipment for the class.
I have also put together two pages for the Creating Keepsakes Becky Higgins sketch for November. In my humble opinion they are not as good as the pages I did for the October sketch, but still, I like them. However I can’t show you either the October or November sketches until calls go out.
So here I sit, having spent the last week assembling cool pages and projects and submitting them to various places, unable to show and tell.
However, I do have one thing I don’t want to share, and probably will end up sharing, a nasty summer cold. Don’t you love the ironies of life?


chris jenkins said...

it sucks to be sick when it is nice and warm and you want to be outside and enjoying the nice weather - hope you get better soon!

sounds like you have been a scrapping machine - even helping others get their projects done

best of luck to you with the calls and the contest - hope you can TOOT about it soon!

take care and have a good weekend~

Bro said...

How can the average shmow get ahold of these magazines and things that you are doing things for? I think I saw the photos but like you said not the LOs if that is the proper short hand for it. BTW has anyone seen or heard from poor Jan in the last little while? Mom said some cryptic thing about a secret project but that's all I've heard from PJ.
sorry about the cold.

Wyo sis said...

Wow! Did you sleep? Can't wait to see your stuff. Hope you recover soon, I an just barely over the cold I got at Easter.