Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The grand unveiling

(I'm having technically difficulties downloading the photos ... so maybe this isn't the grand unveling after all) *sigh*
So I'm going to linke the pages, instead.

So I finally get to unveil some of the projects I have been doing for the last few weeks. My design team projects for are going in the gallery on June 1. Well, I jumped the gun and put a couple of them in tonight.
This month everyone on the design team has been working with Cherry Arte paper. It is beautiful stuff, but I’ve been somewhat flummoxed by it because it’s just so over the top.
So, I pushed myself a little and did an over-the-top layout, reminiscent of the “Two Tween Aged Girls” layout I did with Ashlee and Holland. This layout, “Triplets born of Different Mothers” has Ashlee and Holland in it again, as well as Logan.
The boy shrieked (not quite like a little girl) when he saw all the flowers I was cutting up to put on the page because it was way to “girly.” So I had to promise him this page will go to Wyoming ~ I’ll probably give it to Mom. I now need to make a more manly page with the same photos for his book.
I tried to butch it up with the brads that look like screws and the rick-rack, but I believe I failed in the attempt. At least it’s in blue and not pink!
Another project has already been sent to school with DS-11 for his teacher who is retiring this year. I made a clipboard using the Cherry Arte paper, some Paper Loft stickers from their flip-flop line and foam stamps from Lil’ Davis. The clipboard went to school with L last week. I made one for A and his teacher as well, but I didn’t get a photograph of it before it went to school.
My final project was cards, I made six of them. But I am holding off posting them until some point in the future as I have not yet posted them in the Scrappin Trends gallery.
Tomorrow is the last day of school for the children and the last day of freedom for me. DH has to work on Friday as well, then we will be headed into the long summer. I’ll be fighting L, & D for computer time and struggling with all of them to pick up after themselves.
But we are planning a few trips or two as well to break up the monotony.
A played a soccer game tonight and his team skunked the other team. Saturday is his last soccer game of the season, which makes me almost giddy with joy. He is still talking about playing Little League next year, in spite of the fact that his big brother hit him in the face with a ball today. A came in crying and L followed him saying “I told you to keep your eye on the ball.” Apparently A was a little too literal about the command, because he may wake up with a shiner in the morning. We iced it down, and it doesn’t look to bad right now.
Of course the scrapper in me had a hard time not taking a photo. But I did write the title in my head, “A’s first shiner!” It’s a sickness, I tell you, a sickness.


Wyo sis said...

Yes---yes it is. However it's a benign disease and only inconveniences yourself and your family. Those not within camera range are unscathed. I am going to try out some of my brain game questions on you and L to see if they are hard enough for 4-6 grades next year. Here goes: The following movie titles have had one letter changed in each word. what are the correct titles? ACE ACE, SHRED, PING PONG, BAN NEWT REARS, SNOB WHINE, AND BOY STORE

Adrienne said...

Great Pages!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~Debby~ said...

Anticipation hurts !!! Love your stuff!!!

Wyo bro said...

I'm not sagehen or L but here goes: Ice Age, Shrek, King Kong, Bad News Bears, Snow White, and Toy Story. The last is on the TV right now, well TS2 anyway.