Tuesday, May 16, 2006


I am working on a friend’s book for an on-line challenge. I have chosen to do a book about my Ya-Ya scrappers. My first year in Tooele was miserable until I made the acquaintance of Kendra and Julie. More scappers joined our group and now we are the best of buddies.
On Mother’s Day, I rounded up all of them I could find in church and took their photos.

Scrappers, does this woman remind you of anyone? I think she looks like Lisa B. of CK fame.

Here are a few of the other scrappers. I sent the photos into Wal-Mart today and I need to go pick them up after I dry my hair.

David told me today we only have 13 more days of school. I have mixed feelings about that. But I am going to enjoy my solitude while I can. Then I’m going to put everyone to work for some serious deep cleaning. Wish me luck in both the solitude and the deep cleaning.


Adrienne said...

Good luck! Our schools get out NEXT WEEK! LOL

Holl said...

WE only have 6 1/2 days left.

Wyo sis said...

Good luck on the getting everybody to work thing.

Holland said...

the last day is the 25th