Saturday, May 20, 2006

Keep your hands of my camera!

Click on all photos to see them in a larger size. This photo is A getting ready to take his first shot at the T-Ball set-up. Expressive face, isn't it?

First, let me answer questions from the last blog”
Wyo Bro said: How can the average schmow get ahold of these magazines and things that you are doing things for?”
Answer: I’ll let you know if I ever actually get anything published in any said magazines.
Wyo sis said: Wow! Did you sleep?
Answer: Yes I did sleep. But I did not clean. I can’t walk through the house for all the crap on the floor. DH did the dishes and folded laundry this morning, bless him! A is oblivious. L is rebelling. Tonight when I asked hm to find his clothes for church tomorrow he was cranky. Then he found the shirt waded in a heap in his bedroom and yelled at me “You should have picked it up and washed it”
Excuse me? I should have picked it up? I don’t think so.
As to the current news I lost my D-Rebel today. Well, I didn’t exactly lose it. One of the reporters from work called and said she had to go do a story and all the cameras were checked out, would I mind if she took the one in my possession?
Ack! My camera! Why don’t you just ask if you can have a water fight in my scrap room?
But seeing as the camera actually belongs to the newspaper and not me, I said sure and she came and took my third (or is it fourth, behind the cat?) baby.
She was really cute about it. She called me once during the three hours she had it and asked if I wanted to download the photos and email them to her. I said, “no, she could download it at work.”
But her taking the camera reminded me of how much I use it. After the camera came back I took some photos of a scrapping project, and then snapped about one bazillion shots of DS-7 in his soccer uniform playing catch with his sling shot.
The boy loves to catch and throw things. I’m not really sure why we have him in soccer, because from the time he was tiny he liked to stand on his head, throw things in the air and catch them. He can entertain himself for hours rolling around tossing, catching and making those boy noises, you know, “Pshewww, sheww, psheww.”
Later in the evening we went to Wal-Mart and bought the boy a t-ball set. Man does he have a good arm. He’s a left-handed batter, which gives him another edge. We have decided to enroll him in basketball in the winter and baseball next spring ~ it’s too late to do it for this season.
Soon, I am happy to say, soccer will be nothing but an unfortunate memory.
While we are on the subject of A, I need to report a conversation we had tonight while I was unloading the dishwasher.
A: “Mommy, why don’t you like to swim anymore?”
Me: “I still like to swim; I just don’t like to be naked in front of everyone.”
A: “That’s what a swimsuit is for! My swim suit only covers my pants and I’m okay with that.”
I think I had the same kind of conversation with my mother when I was a child. She faithfully took us swimming at Sulphur Springs pool, (yes, it is as bad as it sounds!) and never so much as put a toe in the water.
I was puzzled by it then, I understand now.


Wyo sis said...

Well, I think you must start saving up for a camera of your own. I have no interest in taking pictures, but if I did I'd want a camera like yours. I have had a mixed blessing in the house cleaning dept. this week. Gordon is home being careful and not lying down this week in the hope of clearing the blood out of his eye, but he is not able to sit around, so he folded clothes, scrubbed the kitchen floor, cleaned the refrigerator, and generally made me want to keep him home barefoot and pregnant.

Wyo bro said...

I must say A looks quite ... old... in the first picture. It looks like lefty-ness has continued to trickel down through the family. G is definately a lefty and M is showing strong signs of lefty-ness. Lefty-ness can be quite an advantage in sports and quite a dissadvantage in life. Long live lefties!

Anonymous said...

I'm sort of a lefty?


Big Sis said...

Leftys Reign!! I often wonder how many of my children would have been leftys, if I would have had any? Mom always cursed my lefthandedness. "you are so awkward with that left hand of yours. She would be too if all the cooking utinsils, sewing equiptment and student desks were lefthanded ones and she had to make them work properly! Cute pictures of Adam a "DIZZY Dean" in the making

Roxanne Bagley said...

OK this has me rolling on the floor "Ack! My camera! Why don’t you just ask if you can have a water fight in my scrap room?"

Only a scrapper understands!
You always make me giggle! Love ya'!

Rox -