Saturday, October 01, 2005

Attack of the Ya-Ya Scrappers

Friday night plans included a girls night out with my Ya-Ya Scrapper friends. But I had been away from home for two nights in a row, and Adam was acting like he was going to be sick, and I had a raging headache. So I stayed home and watched a tape of “Survivor.”
This morning at 7:30 a.m David woke me up and said, “You’ve been TP-ed.”
Sure enough, toilet paper streamers were strung from the sunflowers and trees in the front yard. Written on the storm door in lipstick were the words, “Ya-Ya,” and on my doorstep was a bag with a pair of Tweetie pajamas in it.
So I took photos, (as would any self-respecting scrapper) and called Michelle. “Ya-Ya!”
I think you want my mom, said the 14-year-old girl who answered.
Apparently the Ya-Ya’s didn’t watch a movie as planned. Instead, at 11 p.m. they went to Wal-Mart. Jessica, who was carting her 4 week old baby, had to stop and nurse him, so they sat down in the pajama department so Kade could eat.
While they were their, they found pajamas for everyone, Scooby Doo, Tinker-Bell, Bambie, etc. They decided we need to wear our Ya-Ya jammies at our next event, so they picked up a pair of Tweeties jams for me.
Perhaps the funniest thing is how well the pajamas match an ongoing joke about me with my scrapbook message board. My user name is SageHen, but recently, with Katie Cat’s propensity of bringing live birds into the house, I changed my avatar (the picture next to my profile) to match the cat problem.
Coincidentally, the words printed all over my new pajamas are “What puddy tat?” I may never take the jammies off again.


Cindy Lee said...

what fun friends you have! love the jammies!

Rayzer said...

I've heard of some real brutal inishiation (sp?) rites but this is rather shall we say... tame? Nice to see you are making friends where you are. PS. Hol and Linc helped me spell.

May said...

Just too funny. What great friends you have. =)