Sunday, October 16, 2005

Finally! A good soccer photo

I have the hardest time getting good soccer photos. Adam is a goof-ball, when he plays soccer he skips and whirls and jumps around like the six year old that he is. we have a great many photos of him doing his little dancing run, and ballarina kicks. But I haven't managed to get a cute, close up photo.
Well, yesterday I did it. We were waiting for daddy so we could go to soccer and I was playing around with my camera. Nothing like idle time to make for a good photo shoot.


Carl F. King said...

Nice creative blog, keep up the good work.
See you soon!
Carl King

kelly edgerton said...

You and me both. I can't get a good football photo to save my life. You did good. He looks so cute.

Anonymous said...

Great shot! =)


Miss Carrie said...

I love this photo...great job!

Heather D. White said... DEFINITELY have a fantastic photo there! Love the light and shadows....creates a great effect!!! You should definitely be proud of this one!