Saturday, October 15, 2005

My son: The photographer

Here's all the proof you need that it doesn't hurt to have a good camera. My 11-year-old son informed me yesterday morning that he needed to have "something" done for the reflections program at his school That Same Day!
So I handed him the camera and sent him outside, after giving him a few pointers on balance and framing the photos.
Here are some of the photo he brought back. Notice the pink streak of the jet trail in the sky photo. I really liked that touch.
Both of my boys want their own camera, and we are thinking about getting them inexpensive digital cameras for Christmas.
This may have convinced me it's the right thing to do.


amberjane said...

My ten year old daughter wants a digi camera too and like your son seems to be able to take good pictures too - I think we might have to get one for christmas, now if only my hints for a D-Rebel would be picked up I will be fine LOL :)

Miss Carrie said...

Wow, that is amazing! I think inexpensive cameras for your kids is a great idea!

Renee said...

Your son has a great eye for photography. He probably does need his own digi camera.

Chiara said...

WOW you have a budding photographer there

Sophia said...

I love the idea of a camera as a gift. Digital makes it so nice because you don't have to worry about developing pix that aren't worth the money. Excellent idea! And btw, great Reflections suggestion!


Rayzer said...

Always encourage your children to be creative just like mom and dad did and look what happened to us!