Thursday, April 27, 2006

Ducks in a row

My ducks are not in a row.
Some days I have the hardest time accomplishing anything because I am so frequently interrupted by outside influences, and easily distracted by inside influences.
Take yesterday, for example.
I proclaimed a plan to clean the floors. I started well, I emptied the dishwasher. But as I loaded it again I decided to throw in my dish drainer, the canisters lining the counter, and a few other odds and ends.
As the canisters took their bath, I noticed how nice the counters looked without them cluttering up the surface. So I decided to clean out a place in the cupboard where I could put the canisters after they emerged all shiny.
Digging out the various minutia in said cupboard, I noticed there were a lot of paper plates, plastic forks, etc. That could be consolidated into the cupboard where I stored my plastic. You know the kind of thing I’m talking about, the Tupperware, Rubbermaid and assorted frosting, containers kept by the artist/pack rat part of my personality.
Half-way through the project I began to get back spasms, so I crawled away to my bed to rest in hopes they would go away.
I could hear the cat in the kitchen knocking the plastic around the kitchen floor, but I wasn’t surprised by this, she is a cat.
Just as I reached that delicious state of sleep right before drifting off, the phone rang. It was my DS-11 informing me the PTA frozen cookie dough had arrived and I needed to drive down and pick it up.
When I went into the kitchen to get my keys I saw the cat had taken advantage of her food being out of the cupboard and spread it liberally around the floor, hiding bits of it under the plastic for her own entertainment.
But DSs were waiting, so I drove to the school and hauled boxes full of frozen cookie dough to my car ~ so much for my back spasms. Since we were all in the car anyway, I drove to the eye doctor’s office to pick up DS-11 glasses. But they were no where to be found. The receptionists searched high and low, called the lab, and then told me they couldn’t find them, but they would let me know when the glasses were located.
Back home I went to unload frozen cookie dough, sweep up cat food and crawl back in bed to rest until the pain relievers kicked in.
After an hour, I was recovered enough to get plastics and papers in one cupboard. I now have a big bag full of rejects I am sending with DH to work. There’s always a use for plastic containers in an elementary school.
Then I showered, cooked a gourmet meal of hot dogs and boxed macaroni and cheese. We called DS-ll’s ref coordinator and told her we didn’t think he could ref the soccer game because he didn’t have glasses, and couldn’t see to make the calls. DH and DS-7 went to soccer practice, I went to my community meeting for my job, and DS-11 went to Boy Scouts.
My plans for today are to finish putting the kitchen back in order. Clean the floors, write a news story, go pick up DS-11s glasses (DH threw a fit with the main office and the glasses have been found), and so on, and so on, and so on.
Meanwhile, I’m battling the “problem” my DS-7 had earlier this week. Let’s just say Imodium is my friend.
To answer your question, Wyo. Sister ~ No, L will not allow me to take a photo of his new haircut. Maybe I can sneak up on him when he’s asleep.


Adrienne said...

Oh no! Hope you feel better soon!!!

~Debby~ said...

We are so on the same page... I took 4 boxes of things to the DI tuesday.. ((HUGS)) Hope you get felling better very soon, but for now you need a ME day!

Susan said...

Funny how we get the ambition to do something and our bodies have other plans for us! Hope your back is feeling better.

Wyo sis said...

Som has cat found all of her hidden goodies yet? And speaking of crazy felines does she use her door yet? Poor you, ambition and stomach flu are incompatable, and besides that eventually ambition will go away, but stomach flu is forever.