Saturday, April 08, 2006

Spring clean

We finally had good weather today and I did a little spring cleaning.
Don’t worry, I didn’t rip the rugs up and beat them with sticks or anything, I just cleaned the kitchen and mopped the floor, hosed off the window screens, and vacuumed while DH and DS cleaned the windows.
We had all the windows open and screenless during the process, and the cat thought she was in heaven. She made a game of going in one window, walking across the room and going out the other. She was mightily peeved when we put the screens back in the windows.
No, she still is not using the cat door ~ stupid cat.
L worked really hard, as is his style. He is a perfectionist and likes to work, when everyone else is doing it.
A didn’t work hard at all, again, typical. But as he is still recovering from strep I didn’t expect much from him, either.
DH took the boys shopping for Sunday dinner this afternoon and came home with two Rubiks cubes for the boys and a couple of hand-held games (Tetrus and Yahtzee) for me. L has been begging for a cube for many moons. Part of his house cleaning was an attempt to earn himself the toy. So we decided to get him one to take with him on the trip to Wyoming.
A gets one ~ well just because.
I didn’t expect the games but I am thrilled. I have worn my other games out playing them. I like to play them while I watch television, because it gives my hands something to do. Sure, I could fold laundry or mend clothes, but what would be the fun of that!?
L loves math and thought he could just pick up the cube and twist it together without any thought. He can’t. It’s driving him crazy. If he doesn’t actually throw it out the car window on the way to Wyoming he will have a great time with it.
A is our sports kid. He has been throwing and catching the cube as much as he has been trying to solve the puzzle.
I shot up my card on my camera watching them play with the cubes. I have a layout in mind for the photos that should be really cute. I’m sure if you think very hard, you can figure out the basic layout design.
I hope to get back to my scraproom tomorrow after church. I had all the photos printed and haven’t touched them. Maybe I’ll take a few layouts to work on when I go to Wyoming too, or maybe not, we’ll see.
Quote of the day ~ "Depression is anger without the enthusiasm."

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Susan said...

I thought about the basic design of the LO before you even mentioned you were doing a LO of the cube pics! LOL

Hey, great minds think alike! ;o)

Bro said...

Rubic is the devil.

Wyo sis said...

Good old rubic always good for a few moments of peace. I'll have to show L how to take them apart and reassemble them correctly. Much faster than solving. I know, but you surely know by now that I cheat. Come on now don't be predictable. Do a layour using flowers and blow everyone's mind.

island girl said... can never go wrong with tetris and a rubik's cube!! lol!!

and spring cleaning...i know i should do it,but wah...i hate cleaning!

horseygal said...

I agree with bro.......Rubic is the devil!
I do however LOVE puzzles, just not in cube form, I guess!
I just love to read your blog, that must make me quirky!

JoE said...

The cube always reminds me of the opening sequence to the Brady Bunch....I hated that thing so bad that I learned to take it apart and reassemble it.

What was worse was that one that looked like a pyramid but had the same color-matching concept....

EK12 said...

OHHHhhhhh I love those things, but they do drive me nuts... I hope yall have fun with the new games and puzzles on your trip!