Monday, April 24, 2006

I'll try again tomorrow

Plans do get derailed.
My goal for Monday was to do a little laundry, go grocery shopping, picking up photos and adhesive while I was out, write the Utah State University Graduation story and spend the afternoon working on my November sketch.
But the joyful (not!) sound of a vomiting child and his father, my husband saying, “A---, get in the bathroom!” brought my sleep to an end at 4 a.m. and put a period on plans for a busy Monday.
I felt so bad for my poor little A as he kept asking for “medicine” between heaves as he hunched over the toilet. Alas, there is little a mother can do about those late night/early morning upchucking sessions but clean up after the mess.
As I have mentioned before, I have lost my sense of smell sometime this year. The benefits of this loss came clear as I mopped up after my child this morning. As the day progressed and I cleaned many pair of underwear and pajama bottoms, I began to feel downright blessed that I couldn’t smell a thing.
I managed to get some toast made for the older child and send him to school this morning before A and I curled up together in bed and did some sleeping.
Then I gave him a shower, started the laundry and he watched television between trips to the bathroom while I did my morning computer routine.
A has been begging me for weeks to dig the snow cone machine out of the cupboard. Today I did, and we ate ice chips floating in a little lemon lime soda to keep him hydrated. Eventually he curled up next to my by the computer on the folded sleeping bag we use as a cat bed and slept while I wrote my news story.
L came home from school long enough to drop off his back-pack before going over to a friend’s house. He came back about two hours with his broken eyeglasses in his hands. Apparently glasses, trampolines and children are not a good combination.
As DH was planning to go get a haircut, I sent the two of them to get the glasses repaired, get haircuts, and pick up supper.
The glasses had to be sent away for repair, so my 11 year old will be reliving his before glasses experience until Wednesday. Since he didn’t have his glasses while he was getting his haircut, he didn’t see how short his hair was being trimmed until it was too late to do anything about it. So now he has a butch haircut and no glasses. I’m afraid no one in his class will recognize him when he goes to school tomorrow.
Here’s hoping A is feeling better tomorrow so we can all get back on track.
Yesterday (Sunday) I remembered to pull out the huge bubble wands the Easter bunny forgot to deliver on Easter Sunday. Both boys loved making the monster bubbles, but only A let me take photos of the bubble fun.


Julie Ann said...

Love that last bubble photo!

pr31wb said...

So sorry to hear you son was sick - poor kid. Hope he's better today.

WendyReedPea said...

Love bubbles... great shots!!


Lorrie said...

Hope everyone is well now! Cleaning up vomit is NOT a good way to start the day! lol!

Wyo sis said...

Middle of the night vomiting is among my least favorite things. Poor you. I'd love to see a picture of L with haircut ans sans glasses. I hope he'll let you take one. A has been home from school since last Friday. She just coughs up her guts all day and night no matter what medicine i give her. I finally resorted to Nyquil and she got one night of sleep. I'm afraid to use it too often. We are hoping for a good night and school tomorrow.

JoE said...

I love the bubble pic--sorry about A---hope he is better

I can relate to the glasses story. I always feel so guilty because the Lions club accepts donations of old glasses, but I can't ever give mine to them, because I always need a back up.