Thursday, April 06, 2006

The good, the bad, the ugly

I guess I’ll start with the good. I have already proclaimed it on my two scrapbook message boards, so if you are on one or the other of them, please just hum or skip ahead to the bad and ugly while I tell the news to my family.

Set the scene: It’s 6 a.m Thursday. I frittered away Wednesday and now I have to:

Interview someone about spring deck care and write the story.
Order prints for my weekend scrap so I have something to work on, since I won’t have my computer available to print what I want when I want it.
Organize my scrap stuff so I don’t end up carting my entire scraproom up the mountain, and back again.
Agonize over what I can do without, because I don’t want to cart it up the mountain and back again.
Do laundry.
Buy groceries for my assigned task of cooking dinner Friday night, Sophia’s Italian Chicken, a green salad and French bread, with a cream pie for dessert.
Pick up photographs.
Pack groceries.
Pack scrap crap.
Pack clothes.
Write deck cleaning story.

Things go fairly well until I make the first call for my interview.
No information.
Second call, “sure, why don’t you come on out here so we can talk to you.”
So I order my photos, take a shower, write a list and head to Home Depot. Here I am told, “Golly, we’re short handed, I don’t think we can talk to you. Steve can talk to you. He’ll be here tomorrow.”
Did I mention it’s snowing outside? Because it is.
The Good
So I drive to Wal-Mart and find a parking spot approximately 15 miles away from the front door. Apparently my parking angel has taken the day off because of the bad weather.
After I walk up to the photo lab counter I see the tech pick up a photo. I recognize it as the photo I wanted to have made wallet size.
It’s an 8 by 10.
So now I’m good and ready to start yelling, and he says “The tech who developed this photo this morning liked it so much, he decided to make big copies and ask if we can have them to hang up in our lab.”
Well now, this is a surprise.
They made extra copies of the photos so I now have two 8x10s as well as the wallets I ordered.
(***edit. I have posted the two photos they requested to hang in the lab. ***)
The Ugly
This keep me cheerful long enough to drive home, unload my groceries and find all he$$ has broken out on one of my favorite scrapping message boards. It had nothing to do with me, but it was kind of watching a train wreck, you know you shouldn’t look, but you can’t look away.
The Bad
As I pull myself away from the message board and run around trying to get everything done I face the realization that it just isn’t going to happen. I won’t get the story written and my boss will fire me and take away my camera.
Then A starts complaining about a headache and voluntarily goes to bed at 7:30 p.m. after we give him some headache medicine. One of my Ya-Ya scrappers calls to find out how things are progressing and I tell her about A. She tells me strep throat is going around and a headache is one of the early warning signs of the illness.
As I walk to the couch to sit down my sock gets wet. It seems the spring rain has seeped through the walls and is now joining us in the basement.
Both bad and ugly
Then the Ya-Ya calls back to tell me the sewer system has backed up at the cabin. The weekend get-away has been canceled.
At this point I just want to crawl away into my bed and pull the covers over my head for the weekend. But if A has strep, he’ll probably start barfing some time tonight.
Even worse, we are planning a trip to visit my family for Easter next week. If we have strep throat this will be the THIRD HOLIDAY IN A ROW that we have missed because of illness.
It’s a crying shame I don’t drink, because now would be a good time for a bottle of wine.


Wyo sis said...

Starting with the good. How great! Is the photo one of the ones on your post today? I really like the pomegranets (or a reasonable facsimilie spelling wise) I think you are making something of a name for yourself as a photographer. Now to the bad and ugly. You have my deepest sympathy. Ashlee regularly throws up at inopportune times. She gets migrains, maybe A had a headache. Hope hope, even though bad for A, it's not contagious. Anyway know you have my most sincere sympathy and I still hope to see you at Easter.

horseygal said...

Hope today is better for you!
BTW, I LOVE the leaf photo~!

Adrienne said...

Hope you have a better day today!

pr31wb said...

Too bad about the weekend and your son. (Hope he's feeling better soon.) Congrats on the photo!

Bro said...

Linc has been having some trouble. If you make it up 4 Easter I'll explane further. Like Dire Straights says "Some times you're the windshield some times you're the bug!"

JoE said...

Wow--I missed some stuff by lurking (as per usual) in the pub--but Lemon's recap is WOW!!!

sorry your weekend went south...hope things are looking up.

EK12 said...

I hope things are looking brighter for you and I love the photos!!