Sunday, April 02, 2006

Paper Safari: Day Two

I was distracted by the local wildlife for much of the morning. The antics of the local children is something to behold, as the youngest dressed in some kind of tribal gear and engaged in the simple pass times of children his age ~ getting a photograph taken with his soccer team.
Later we foraged through the local gathering place, called “Home Depot” in search for someone who could help us repair some of our equipment. Unable to secure the necessary tools, we ventured into a pet shop where the young were fascinated by small, fluffy, yellow birds that made “cheeping” sounds and ate out of our hands.
The oldest of the two children wanted to take one home with us, but we assured him the camp cat would make short work of the bird.
I have enclosed a photograph of the event. As any camper worth her salt knows, you don’t leave camp without your camera.
Upon returning home I continued with the initial task set before me. Several hours later, task completed, I sent up a message to those awaiting my results.
I am tired now. The good kind of tired that comes from a long but successful day. To see the complete project, please check out this link.
Tomorrow I plan to continue with my quest to uncover the illusive scrapping table before embarking on another adventure.


Gwyn said...

Aha, the cover has been bagged! Well done and all that sort of rubbish! ;)

Wyo sis said...

I love the mini-album. I need a copy of the shot with the snowcovered mountain the glacier valley and the large broken up rocks on the edge of the lake. It is such a great example of the kind of landscape peft by a glacier. I teach about such things every year to the 3rd grade. I think I'll try to get it from your blog ans see how it looks printed out. I know I'm boring, but we all have our own little ticks and finding pictures to go with my lessons is one of mine. Can't wait to see you at Easter.

JoE said...

love the shot of the chick....really cool!!!