Monday, April 03, 2006

Remember the gym?

My husband and DS-11 had a father and son moment today. That’s right; they went to the elementary school maturation program together.
I think DH was kind of looking forward to it. DS pretty much know all the basics; I’ve been telling him about it since he was old enough to ask questions. We went through the “Where do babies come from?” discussions when I was carrying his younger brother.
DS told me a little bit about it. He was annoyed that other kids in the fifth grade were giggling and behaving like, well, 11-year-old boys when the subject is mentioned. (I’m not afraid of the word, by the way, I just don’t want blog scanners to find it and leave me unfortunate messages).
The whole thing had me remembering my visit to the gym with all the other girls in the sixth grade class, and their parents. Back then boys didn’t get a program ~ instead they played football for an hour. What a rip-off.
I was the youngest of four daughters, but I didn’t have a clue. But it sure made a lot of things click into place. Like the supplies. I knew where they were, but I didn’t know why we kept buying them if no one was using them. (duhhh!)
It wasn’t until I started my period that I came to understand Mom’s come-aparts. Before I was puzzled and a little bit frightened when she started mopping the floor and sobbing, now, alas, I understand.
Come on now, don’t be shy. Raise your hand if you had similar moments of complete hormonal melt down.
After my program Mom asked me if I had any questions, and I did. Just one. I wanted to know the exact day this unfortunate event was going to happen to me. I always have been one to want to know the deadlines. Mom didn't have an answer. Which is odd, because she usually had an answer for everything.
I also remember during the first few periods I felt really bad because I was losing yet another potential baby. Back then it seemed like a death, of sorts, to me. Although I knew I was in no way ready to be a mother, nor was I interested in being one.
The whole female thing has been fairly easy for me ~ albeit frequently inconvenient, occasionally embarrassing and from time to time downright painful.
But being a woman has so many pluses.
I love being female for many reasons I cannot explain.
I also love that I have given my sons a good father who can show them how to be a man in many ways, large and small.

This is the last of my Scrappin Trends projects. The sewing is crooked, but I'm not planning to enter it in the County Fair.


Wyo sis said...

Oh, the dreaded talk. I remember the day myself. Afterward my friend and I were so disgusted we gave our pamphlets to the boys just so they could have as miserable awakening as we did. I'm with you, boys play football, girls learn they are sentenced to hormonal hell for most of their lives. How is that fair? Unlike you the only upside I can see is having children. I am not a sisterhood kind of person. I like your stitching, and I especially like that it is not perfect. Perfection is often sterile and boring. Your stuff is worlds away from sterile and boring.

Adrienne said...

I did that this past summer with my daughter.....

LOVE THE CARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jen said...

Ugh. I remember that particilar school talk. Times two! I had to sit through it in fifth grade, (thank goodness because I had not been told ANYTHING!). Then my family moved the summer between 5th and 6th grade and in the new school district guess what year they had the program? Yup. 6th grade. So, I got double exposed.
My sympathies to your son :)

JoE said...

Yes, those classes are awkward, and to make matters worse, when I had it in the 5th grade, it was co-ed, and we had to label diagrams....ughhhhhhhhhhh.

I do love that card, and you quip about the county fair made me chuckle...

Susan said...

I don't look forward to that talk. LOL I remember in 5th grade when they had all the girls come to the auditorium and watch a 20 year old movie about that.

Amy Sorensen said...

I had this maturation program with my daughter last month. I think that the woman who did the presentation was more nervous than any of the girls in the room. She went WAY too fast and didn't explain much. Anyway---definitely a noteworthy occasion! I had to smile when you said this: "I also remember during the first few periods I felt really bad because I was losing yet another potential baby." I feel that way NOW!

EK12 said...

ahhhhhhhhhh yes I know this all to well! After Miranda had this class she came home with samples etc and really didn't know where to put them. So I got her a little girly make up bag for her to put them in. I then kept thinking of what else I can do to help her answer the questions I know she may have now and when the event happens. So I made her a "For Girls Only" lunch box tin with a little book that tells everything she will go through what a period is etc. with some question and Answers from a for girls only website. There is a small jornal I made and a PMS pocket calendar. I have some samples in it with some midol, chocolate and some all girl day coupons! So I am ready at least more then my mom was! LOL