Friday, April 28, 2006

A lick and a promise

I have had a request to post a photo of L with his new haircut and no glasses, so here it is. I think he looks like his daddy with this haircut.

I’ve been swamped this week, so I have been giving everything a lick and a promise.
Today I have vowed to spend some time with my paying gig, because as Bruce Springsteen said in one of his songs (I don’t recall which) “You don’t work and you don’t get paid.”
So here’s the list for today and tomorrow:
Write Stansbury article
Write Art Festival article
Interview for Children’s theater article
Figure out how to fix a problem on one of my layouts
Laundry, laundry, laundry, and more laundry
Change sheets on the master bed
Sweep and mop kitchen floorPick up and vacuum living room, family room and scrap room
Make supper and clean up after myself
Take DS-11 to ref a soccer game
Take DS-7 to play a soccer game
Go into town to get oil change on the car
Attend children’s theater; see if Troy’s photo instructions really do help
Fill out DS-11 health form for 11-year-old scouts
Put together newsletter for ScrappinTrends
(Perhaps) write an article for ScrappinTrends to fill in the holes in newsletter
What do you think the chances are that I’ll get everything done? Not good, my friend, not good.
BTW Wyo. Sis. Katie has learned how to use her door. But she is very sneeky about it, she doesn't want us to know she can use it ~ she would much rather have us open and close the doors for her.
One more thing ~ I put a comment moderator on my blog. You can go ahead and comment, but it won't show up in the comment section until I look at it and give it the go ahead to be published.


Robyn said...

Hey, just checking your comments...

Barbie said...

That list is IMPRESSIVE! WOW. Hope you can make a dent in it soon! :)

amberjane said...

Yay your comments are back - so glad you got it fixed :)

Cindy Lee said...

So, how ya comin' on that monster list of "to do's"? It made me tired just reading it, lol! Have a great evening!

horseygal said...

I KWYM, that is a normal day for me!

Karen said...

comment moderation? Say it ain't so!

We're you having troubles?

Wyo sis said...

So, are you afraid of the Wyo profanity? Good luck with the to do list. I have completed mine for the day and I'm exausted and my feet hurt. Have fun. Thanks for the photo of Logan. He looks ------ (a word I will refrain from typing in the interest of cleanliness and good fellowship)

Big Sis said...

Logan looks great. I think he looks like you. especially his chin and eyes. Good luck with your list. It sounds like me. I always have a list longer than I can possibly do in a month of Sundays. But ever hopeful I go on making lists, and then go on berating myself for " not getting anything done". What fools we humans are sometimes.

Wyo sis said...

I meant he looks angry as in p----d o--. I think he looks cute. I hope there was no misunderstanding. Logan you are very handsome in the tall dark mode, so take comfort this too shall pass. Hair grows.